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Lowering costs for verification. Customer Support from the Box. Responds to your customers from the box to help them instantly. Reduces abandonment by providing an engaging and fast onboarding process on desktop, mobile, and web. Compliance with local legal frameworks as well as global regulators. Complete security of user data and legal support.

Integration for web and mobile apps in as little as 1 hour. We apply a unique knowledge base and deep learning technology to the inspection of electronic images of physical documents to realize comprehensive on demand identity verification and fraud recognition services for small and medium companies, corporations and governments worldwide.

We know that data security is paramount, that's why we'd like to tell you a bit about how we ensure it. Authenticate this comment using OpenID. View October 31, Hello, Thanks for the insightful post. I have a question. Are the online-bill-paying services the banks provide prone to the same risks as checks? View November 1, View November 3, View November 19, View November 25, View January 10, View January 11, View February 10, Cancelled checks constitute proof of purchase.

View February 13, View May 1, All of those things you claim can be done with paper checks are largely fiction. View May 27, View May 29, View June 4, Walter I beg to differ. View June 26, View July 19, View July 24, View September 3, View February 20, View February 21, View February 23, View May 3, View September 18, View January 12, View March 10, This is why I go to your site for my information.

View April 26, View May 6, View November 21, Checking Account "Hacked" again! View April 15, View July 30, View February 8, View May 18, View August 10, Well all of this is interesting but keeping in mind that people who go through all the trouble of obtaining your personal information intend to use it in illegal ways. Once one takes the risk of breaking the law and committing a crime, there is pretty much no way to protect yourself.

Any skillful programmer will be able to tell you that antivirus programs cannot detect all viruses and some can be stealthy and you wont know anything while every keystroke on your keyboard is being electronically recorded and uploaded to someones server. I only know of the ways I have come in contact with to obtain access to someones computer, but creative hackers are coming up with newer and newer security breaches.

Even a small popup on your web browser could in reality launch a stealthy virus of some sort on your computer. All this might be frightening and most computer users dont undersand the danger they put their private information in when they for instance shop online or check their bank accounts.

There are an unthinkable amount of ways to infect someones computer but there is only a few ways to protect oneself. Perhaps the best, but also somewhat annoying and time consuming, is to install a separate operating system on your computer to use for banking and entering confidential information such as credit card number to purchase something from an electronic store.

View August 21, Merely wanna say that this is invaluable, Thanks for taking your time to write this. View July 14, View November 9, View January 19, Really good blog, thank you so much for your time in writing this post. View February 16, The Only Way to Be Sure: Recent Comments Grant Bugher: Hello this is good,thanks a lot but please can someone withdraw money from my acct with just knowing my name It helps developers avoid uncommitted transactions.

All comments are reviewed, so stay on subject or we may delete your comment. The error message you mentioned can occur, for example when transactions are incorrectly handled in nested stored procedures. I am writing an article about this. You will be abele read it on mssqltips. Kindly thank you for your cool tip i will try this. Thank you for reading. The transaction is rolled back. Recall that constraint violations are normally non-fatal errors.

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