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WhatsApp is introduced for both Windows and Mac operating systems. I replaced a Cisco N Router that was about 6 years old. In a December blog post, WhatsApp claimed that million active users used the service each month. This option could be ordered during signing up procedure or by contacting our customer support service. We followed this up with a much shorter connection typically UK to Netherlands to see a more typical peak performance, ran a second benchmark to confirm our results, and ran some general browsing tests - including streaming HD video - to look for other problems. We have already established the two primary concerns in this matter — privacy and security. Can you ping it with no loss?

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Premium OpenVPN and PPTP VPN Server india

The router's ability to use OpenVPN for an all time connection and disable access to Internet if VPN is not connected is a major plus to keep you safe while surfing the 'Net. Recent upgrade to version 2. Had some problems with the unit initially but seller has been very communicative and solved the problems almost immediately. Very satisfied and highly recommended.

The router is a great product and I give it 4 stars. However, I thought it would just work like my other consumer routers have int he past.

If you are an expert at setting up robust business-level networks or configuring routes and routing tables manually, then go for it. If you are used to the lower end Linksys, Belkin, Asus and DLink routers that you just plug-in, set a few settings and go I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is comtiplating purchasing it. We bought this about three months ago and I admit at first i was skeptical because i bought it used.

The repsose of the router was light years ahead of my old NETGEAR, the easy set up that comes in the package makes is very simple to get going. My wife was able to do this while I was at work with little understanding of how networks work.

The wifi Password is printed on a label on the side of the device which is handy for anyone that stops by the house to be able to jump on the network. I currently run three tablets, two phones, two Ipods, playstation 3, Wii, and two Laptops on our network and the performance is perfect. I've read a few other reviews on this product I couldn't be more pleased. I replaced a Cisco N Router that was about 6 years old. I always just assumed that my slow internet speeds were due to my ISP.

Prior to this upgrade, I was getting speeds between 5 to 20 mbs, I was continually having my cell phones drop off the wifi and long buffering while streaming TV. Now with the Netgear AC, my internet speed are coming in between 90 to mps. As a test, I tried to load it up. It handled it perfectly. I was truly amazed. Set up was a breeze. The documentation supplied is woefully inadequate - only tells you what the default router IP address but the web based configuration is adequate if you know a little about networking.

After that, all that is needed is to set your user name and password and it just works! There's a problem loading this menu right now. Of the three plans, the yearly subscription is the most affordable, as usual; plus you get three months free.

The packages available are:. IPVanish offers two servers in New Delhi which should guarantee a stable and good quality connection. In our performance testing, we certainly found download speeds to be excellent, and actually faster than our normal rates with the VPN turned off. The dedicated Windows client is one of the best around with a wide range of settings that cover both basic and advanced features, although we did encounter the odd network glitch but your mileage may well vary.

However, the three available plans include a hassle-free 7-day money-back guarantee. The 1-year plan is your best bet as the most affordable option.

TigerVPN runs its own servers and network infrastructure, with our tests showing excellent results performance-wise. Tiger VPN offers native apps for all the main platforms — iOS, Android, Windows and Mac — and these are very easy-to-use, if a little light on advanced options. The number of servers is increased steadily.. One subscription for all devices Unlike other VPN services ours works on all your devices including game consoles and TVs supporting Internet connection.

Our experience, your trust. So, do not delay: Select device to connect:. We recommend to use PPTP only if you have no other options, as it is the less secure method. It gives you good ping, but may not work or works unstable depending on your network policy. It can be restricted by your system administrator or ISP.

It works wherever there is internet access. It uses port which allows you to establish the connection even if you have very restricted network. However, this type may increase ping and is not good choice for online games. The downloading speed is the same for both types.

Connection tutorial in 3 minutes Do not forget to download the archive with configurations a large green button below. Routers will also more likely to work with this option. TCP protocol and no compression makes possible to use it with Mikrotik routers use port for connection. Do not forget to download the archive with configurations a large green button below. Linux is unpredictable, so if didn't work: Try other connection type, like PPTP.

Add VPN at device settings. Programs to connect Install HideMy. It also has many additional useful features, such as limitation of the Internet when VPN connection fails, automatic updates of the server list and displaying server status, automatic selection of connection protocol and option to switch between IP-addresses within each server, displaying remaining time of subscription, and much more.

Setup and connection process reduced to just a few clicks, as well as it will not require any special knowledge. Namely, we recommend using this option instead of all other. Setup and connection processes reduced to just a few clicks, as well as it will not require any special knowledge.

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