How to Open Facebook and Access Blocked Facebook Website in Office, College and School

16 Ways to Open & Access Facebook when it is Blocked

How to Open Facebook When it is Blocked by Server – Open Facebook in School and Colleges
They block each and every computer from accessing Facebook which is the most popular and most famous social networking site in the world. Try Hola Extension for free to unblock office Facebook. But it never hurts to try and check to see whether this one works or not. Open that file using any text editor. News feed, Wall posts, View notifications, Update your status, Manage friends, Send and receive messages, Quick friend, Birthday reminder and Status juggler. Thanks a lot for such valuable comment.


How to Access Facebook When it is Blocked in School/College/Office

These proxy websites are similar as Hidester. Also, the procedure is same. You just have to click on the link which I have mentioned below and then chose settings according to you and you are done.

So, these are the best top 10 working proxy websites which will help you to open Facebook anonymously from any Facebook restricted computer.

These are the best proxy websites to unblock Facebook in School, colleges or Office. Users can use Facebook using these proxy websites. You can share any other method in the comments section. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Subscribe to keep updated. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. After creating your own proxy, you can unblock the facebook website anywhere including school, college or office.

You can try Facebook mobile version i. Suppose, your company web admin has blocked only www. But, chances are rare. DNS has no relation if a website is blocked by the system admin. But sometimes we are unable to open websites due to DNS errors. If you do not have proper knowledge about how to change DNS configuration then feel free to comment here. You will be informed in the comment section.

If your computer does not have any wireless access, you can use mobile USB Tethering option to connect mobile network with your PC. Some advanced web browser like Mozilla Firefox has a built-in option under connection setting to use Proxy while browsing. You can find the proxy list here. Tor browser lets you allow to browse the internet anonymously. It is very beneficial for accessing social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. It is mainly used to hide your online identity.

Facebook has an option to stay connected with your email account. When you turn on all the email notifications to your email, you will get Messages, Timeline Posts, Friend requests and Poke like alerts on your own email id.

By using VPN, you can easily bypass the firewall of Facebook and other social networking websites. It is seen that some web admin uses applications to block facebook and similar website. Those applications are suspicious. If you find such, just kill the process. Hope, you can open and access blocked Facebook website by this way. Some malware in your system might prevent the access of specific websites like facebook. So be careful and find the existence of such application in your PC and thus you easily access Facebook in your office or School or College PC.

In some office computer, mainly in a high-security zone, full computer control including network controls are restricted. In such cases, your privileges are limited. You can use Ubuntu live disk to use the internet on your PC.

Thus, you can use Facebook in the high-security office sector. I, personally have used this method to access Facebook in my office area. This tutorial is written from personal experience. I did a various experiment and try to share my knowledge with you. Some procedure might work for you.

We definitely listed them here. How to unblock YouTube at your school and office. Facebook proxy is a very useful website to unlock facebook. This is a free service which is provided by instantunblock.

You can use Hola Chrome or Firefox extension to browse Facebook anonymously. Try Hola Extension for free to unblock office Facebook. When you find that Facebook. Facebook provides a unique USSD to all the mobile users to get all the features.

News feed, Wall posts, View notifications, Update your status, Manage friends, Send and receive messages, Quick friend, Birthday reminder and Status juggler. No internet connection is necessary for it and you can do it offline.

Some office admins restrict Facebook by using firewall blocking technology. For example, when you send an e-mail to fbreadwall modazzle. Previously, Gmail had a feature to open Facebook inside Gmail which is not available right now. If I manage to find any new method to open Facebook when it is blocked, I will definitely update that. This is a very tiny software less than 1 MB and the software requires no installation at all.

This portable application is completely free and it helps you to access blocked websites at school, college, office, and workplaces. The key features of this utility are it hides your IP address and encrypt your personal info at the time of visiting banking websites.

Just run this tool and unblock Facebook at restricted places. How to Change Name on Facebook Account. Jit Dutta is a web geek who loves to write articles related to PC and the Internet which helps common people to solve their problems and queries.

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