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The show featured Padma cooking recipes from around the world. The Best Cheeses of Canada. List includes some of the best chefs from Canada, along with photos when available. The Best Organic Coffee Brands. List of the famous chefs from Canada. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Originally from Canada's east coast, Geoffrey Hopgood is the owner and chef at Hopgood's Foodliner , which serves refined versions of Nova Scotian favourites in Toronto's Roncesvalles neighbourhood.

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Even though women make up the majority of home cooks, they run a small percentage of the top kitchens in culinary hubs like New York and Paris. Despite gastronomy being a male-dominated industry, many female chefs are making names for themselves by being creative and rising through unorthodox means. Here are 10 female chefs who are world-famous for their recipes, while also looking good in front of a camera.

The show featured Padma cooking recipes from around the world. She also was the host of several specials on South India and Spain for the British culinary tourism show, Planet Food.

Nadia Giosia, also known as Nadia G. She has appeared on numerous Travel Channel shows, and is one of the most-watched talents on the Food Network. Ani Phyo is an organic chef and wellness expert who has been in the industry for years as an advocate of sustainable agriculture, a raw foodism lifestyle, and green living.

The Canadian-born, Korean-descended chef and author was raised on vegan and raw foods, and her family had an organic farm when growing up. She co-founded SmarkMonkey Foods in , which started as a catering and hosting company in LA, before launching lines of packed foods, sauces, and desserts.

The company was sold 10 years later, in , and Phyo became an early pioneer of the Internet in San Francisco, producing numerous websites, as well as writing educational books. Catherine McCord is one of the few personalities who has given up a career in supermodeling to take up cooking.

At the age of 14 she began modeling for Elite Model Management, appearing on covers of Glamour and Elle. She was voted one of the sexiest women in the world in a poll by FHM magazine. The website is updated daily with new recipes, and includes a weekly how-to cooking video. The Italian-born American chef Giada de Laurentiis is another one of the most recognizable chefs, authors, and TV personalities in the culinary world.

Taiwanese chef Lanshu Chen began her career in literature, at National Taiwan University, before escaping to Paris to pursue her passion of cooking.

Does that make her a celebrity? Maybe not, but she looks so darn good, I don't think anyone will object. She also showed off her versatility by winning the Swedish version of Dancing With the Stars. She's also not afraid to put her pretty mug next to a tray of doughnuts, which is a bonus in my book. Okay, I know some will say that Sandra's not a "real" Chef. But c'mon, she's authored thirteen cookbooks and has hosted a top-rated cooking show on The Food Network for six years running.

And just take a look at her! Katie's done just about everything there is to do in the land of Celebrity Chefs -- hosted a TV show, written a cookbook and married a non-Chef Celebrity. Is she any good at any of it? That's not really for me to say -- I just think she's hot. Flip 1 and 2 and then you have it right. I could host a cooking show too if producers spoonfed everything for me like they do for Padma.

These women are incredibly beautiful and not only do they show us how to create great tasting meals, but they are very sexy as well. How is Sunny Anderson not further up this list? She should be in the top 5 at least, if not number 1.

What about Julia Child? Back when they used gun powder to take pictures, she was hot as hell. Other than that, great list. OMG You cant make a hottest chefs list if Giada is not number 1 you idiot. And rachel ray anywhere on this list? Giada has a gigantic head , is that considered hot now?

And just where in the heck is Paula Dean? What a bunch of pissers and moaners. Like any of you internet pervs would kick any of these ladies out of your house if they actually looked in your direction. Are half of these women even real cooks? Give me a double chin and a full serving of double-fudge chocolate cake with extra whip cream any day over these anorexic botox wannabes.

Never trust a skinny chef! This list is biased! I thought this was a list for the top 20 women chefs not men. She exudes femininity out like a box of sand. This list is terrible there are no real chefs, there are already plenty of websites about hot women.

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