Review: MTV VMAs was a shocking event, for the wrong reasons

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Fixed a problem that volume change function does not work in iframe. Fixed fatal bug of tab detach. Added 'Quit Browser' to Main Menu. Added option 'Show bookmark bar on mouse hover' to main menu. Added advanced setting option of tab preview. Bug fix for search engine settings. Added option to set window icon. Added tab preview function. Added home button and homepage setting. Maluma, the Colombian singer who was nominated twice in the best Latin category, had an exciting performance as he danced onstage with gyrating dancers.

And Lopez started off slow — Kylie Jenner and Scott's unamused faces perfectly captured the vibe — but hit a strong stride when she sang old smashes like "Jenny from the Block" and "I'm Real" — where Ja Rule joined her onstage — and "All I Have," which showed the skilled dancer's vocal range. But Lopez's speech was more stirring than her performance: She was emotional as she thanked her children and beau Alex Rodriguez onstage when she earned the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for lifetime achievement.

She was teary-eyed and looked at her "two little angels," as she called them, and said, "I stand here stronger and better than ever Cardi B, who gave birth last month, won three awards and said people told her she was "gambling your career" when she decided to become a mother.

She also seemed to take aim at Nicki Minaj, who while promoting her new album last week said other musicians have hired fans to listen to their music. Cardi said she's been blessed with fans "that you can't buy," looking into the camera and shouting an expletive. Minaj won the first televised award — best hip-hop — and checked comedian Tiffany Haddish for dissing girl group Fifth Harmony, now on hiatus.

Minaj, who has been a trending topic this week after she madly tweeted about why her new album debuted at No. There was just one political moment, orchestrated when Logic was joined onstage by young immigrants wearing T-shirts that read, "We are all human beings" to protest the Trump administration's separation of migrant children from their parents after they illegally crossed the U.

The rapper, best known for the suicide prevention anthem "," wore a T-shirt that read, " Expletive the wall. There was one posthumous winner: More from AP Top News.