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TV Shows Coming to Netflix in November 2017
The Last Airbender 4. The series follows the lives of many of the passengers upon their return home—which turns out to be a bit awkward, since no time has passed for any of the them, so that each one feels like they had a normal, mostly uneventful flight even as their friends and families have long ago given up hope and moved on. A Million Little Things: He still drives a red Ferrari convertible and loves the Detroit Tigers, but this time he's an Afghanistan War veteran. Among the standouts are China Anne McClain as Jefferson's rebellious daughter Jennifer and Nafessa Williams as Jennifer's sister Anissa, who is like her father in more ways than her commitment to doing the right thing. Comedy IFC, 10p The seven-episode "52nd" aka third season of the documentary spoof series includes parodies of D.

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Netflix has no shortage of stand up comedy specials, and sometimes it's overwhelming to try and choose one to watch. Cue The Standups, which are tight half-hour episodes focusing on up-and-coming comics. It's a low commitment way to find some new comics you might enjoy, and the perfect length if you're looking for something fun and quick to watch that isn't another sitcom rerun.

I'm sure I'll be starting my dozenth Parks and Recreation rewatch any day now. This is not just another coming of age show for teenagers. OK, well actually it is. But you need to be watching it anyway! The show follows four close friends living in Los Angeles and it's gripping. The kids are lovable and relatable, and I'm predicting these young actors will start popping up everywhere.

Plus it's refreshing to see On My Block tackle adolescence from a seldom seen perspective. With only one exception, they've done an arguably better job than network television. The first season villain is straightforward, and Jessica Jones is probably the most accessible of the TV superheroes badass leather jacket and all. Maybe it's because I'm a somewhat dysfunctional single millennial, but lately I've been worried that love is actually more challenging than Disney movies initially led me to believe.

Which is probably why I found both seasons of Love so completely enjoyable. Love focuses on the budding relationship between Gus and Mickey.

There's nothing showy about it -- the real razzle-dazzle comes from a sharp, hilarious script. But I think that's underselling this eerie sci-fi thriller about time travel. Here is how I assume Dark came to fruition: Just don't forget to turn off the English dubbing; the performances are worth having to read subtitles.

The sci-fi anthology series tapped into our deepest fears of the future and technology. Since each episode stands alone, at least give San Junipero an hour of your time; it won two Emmys. Oh hello, Big Mouth. Take a walk down memory lane into Nick Kroll's childhood, and prepare to laugh your ass off. This adult animated series is stacked with many of my all-time favorite comedians, including John Mulaney, Jenny Slate, Jason Mantzoukas and Maya Rudolph. Also I'll save you some time: A coincidence that should remain between Amy Poehler and her therapist.

Big fan of true crime? This new offering from Netflix will probably be right up your alley. Mindhunter centers around two FBI agents in interviewing serial killers. If you're mildly obsessed with psychopaths, it's a pretty fascinating look at the early days of criminal profiling. Even though Mindhunter benefits from the strong visual stylings of David Fincher who executive produced the show and directed four of its episodes , you could honestly just throw this on in the background while you cook dinner.

The great thing about an anthology drama series like Easy is that they're so easy to watch. So much so, you don't need to actually add Easy to your Netflix watch list. Statistically, if you hang out with a group of three or more millennials for more than an hour, Easy will inevitably end up on the television in the background.

Easy is well written, well executed and thoughtful. Enjoy any of the eight episodes as they come your way. Look, if you didn't watch this one last summer like the rest of us, stop procrastinating. This sci-fi fantastical horror 80s-nostalgia throwback is probably the most addictive offering on Netflix. I'm not going to spend any longer trying to convince you to watch it, because it should already be playing on your TV right now. Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Not safe for productivity. Hibbert as Kevin, one kid of many forced to grow up too soon after he witnesses a murder; and Yolanda Ross Treme as Jada, an overworked mom trying to shepherd her son to adulthood. Set in Berlin, the spy thriller stars J. Simmons as Howard Silk, a lowly cog at a U. Now, the only person Howard can trust is his "counterpart" on the other side.

Morten Tyldum, the Oscar-nominated director of The Imitation Game , serves as executive producer and director, so we like to believe he and Simmons first started talking about this during the Oscar season that culminated with Simmons winning for Whiplash. Ellen's flair for fun hits primetime with supersized versions of her favorite daytime games. A singing competition series in which four reigning champs compete against newcomers each week.

If they're outperformed, they go home and the challenger takes their place. Mae Whitman Parenthood , Christina Hendricks Mad Men and Retta Parks and Recreation star in this new hybrid comedy-drama about three suburban women struggling to make ends meet. To fix their problems, they decide to rob the local grocery store, but the sh— hits the fan when the cash haul is significantly more than expected and the store manager catches a glimpse of one of them.

The long-awaited black-ish spin-off follows eldest daughter Zoey Yara Shahadi as she heads off to college and navigates the highlights and pitfalls of entering adulthood. The show will kick off with back-to-back episodes that include a Breakfast Club tribute. The series co-stars Trevor Jackson as Aaron, a young activist who's Zoey's on-again, off-again love interest; and Francia Raisa as Ana, a conservative freshman. A darkly comic meditation on the disparate forces polarizing American culture, as experienced by a progressive, multi-ethnic family consisting of a philosophy professor, his wife and their four children, three of whom are adopted from Vietnam, Liberia and Colombia, and a Muslim family headed by a psychiatrist who is treating one of their kids.

Fox's new comedy LA to Vegas , which includes Will Ferrell as an executive producer, is a workplace comedy that takes place where happiness usually goes to die: The series, which stars Dylan McDermott, follows a flight crew and a bunch of eccentric passengers who take the roundtrip flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas every weekend to try to win big, because apparently neither city has successfully destroyed anyone's sense of optimism yet.

Ferguson , a film critic and father-to-be who decides to live according to the Bible. The show is based on A. Jacobs' best-selling book The Year of Living Biblically. Though it was originally intended to be a single-camera comedy, it's now multi-camera because, well, CBS.

But it does boast a high-profile cast, including Camryn Manheim as Chip's boss; Ian Gomez as a priest who advises him; David Krumholtz as a rabbi who rounds out Chip's "God Squad"; and Lindsey Kraft as his supportive wife. A man who has spent his life evading his family's ties to the mafia is drawn into a world of crime after his own livelihood is threatened.

A co-production with Channel 4 in the U. Dick's Electric Dreams is an anthology series based on the works of esteemed science fiction author Philip K. The series, which has already begun airing across the pond, is executive-produced by Battlestar Galactica 's Ronald D.

There are a number of hospital shows to choose from on TV, but The Resident is the one to pay attention to this winter.

Our hero is not a rebel because he pulls off insane procedures or rides a motorcycle though; Conrad cuts red tape and talks about medicine the way we wish all doctors would talk about medicine, making him instantly relatable and the guy you want to win — even if he's a bit of a mess. Add in a steamy workplace romance with Emily VanCamp's Nurse Nic and a deluded Chief of Surgery Randolph Bell Bruce Campbell who can't stop killing patients because he can't admit he's past his prime and you have a very entertaining hour of television that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It's only been two years since Scott and Stonebridge literally rode off into the sunset as the best bros who ever bro'd, but the exciting and explosive action drama Strike Back , a Cinemax and Sky co-production, is already being rebooting for what is technically its third iteration in six seasons. The episode season will follow the newly resurrected Section 20 on a lethal manhunt to track down a notorious terrorist after a prisoner transfer is ambushed.

In a departure from previous versions, the show will feature more of a team element, with a supporting cast who hopefully won't die nearly as quickly or as often. But lest diehard fans worry the series will be completely changed, there's still an Australian portraying an American soldier who doesn't play by the rules and plenty of awesome action sequences to get the blood pumping.

The eternal debate over Taylor Kitsch's hair will rear its ugly head in Paramount Network's new limited series Waco, which sees the former Friday Night Lights star shed a bunch of weight to portray cult leader David Koresh. The six-part series will depict the infamous siege of the Branch Davidians's compound from several perspectives. Alone Together Freeform Premieres: Altered Carbon Netflix Premieres: The Assassination of Gianni Versace: The Chi Showtime Premieres: Dick's Electric Dreams Amazon Premieres: Strike Back Cinemax Premieres: Waco Paramount Network Premieres: America's Got Talent 3.

The Last Airbender 4.

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