How to Hide Mobile Number in Whatsapp Groups

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Best 7 iPhone Secondary Phone Number Apps to Hide Primary Number

There are many different ways to do this. The easiest is by adding a few numerical prefix digits in front of the number you are calling. You can also… Change the settings on your phone to block the caller ID function. Use apps that will hide or conceal your number making it private, , or unknown to the person you are calling.

Hide phone number — iPhone Android. The easiest way to hide your phone number on iPhone or Android: In the United States: Dial before the phone number you are dialing. You can also to using these prefix digits before the number you are calling: Before you use the hide number methods above, call someone you know and ask how your phone number shows up as first.

Unknown caller on Android phone. Enter all digits of the phone number as you normally would. Repeat the process each time you want to hide your number. Entering is not a permanent way to hide your number. You'll need to enter each time you want to conceal your number. Change your phone's settings.

Most mobile phones will allow you to keep your number hidden every time you make a call. The process is different for smart phones and non-smart phones and varies by model. Find the "Settings" or "Phone Options" menu. Depending on the make and model of your phone, the exact wording may be different. Set the option to "Hide" or "Always" depending on what's appropriate and hit "Save.

Contact your mobile provider. You can call your provider directly and request they change your preferences for your phone number. They can also provide assistance with your mobile phone model to know exactly which menus to access. Sign up for ex-directory. If you have phone service with BT, you can sign up for ex-directory.

If you do so, your information will not be included in the phone book and will not be available via directory enquiries nor through online directory service. Sign up for the central opt out register to prevent companies from making unsolicited calls to your number.

If you are receiving nuisance calls, you can file a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office. Get a second number. You can use a service that "cloaks" your phone number by assigning you a second number. Use the alternative number to give to those you might like to receive a call from but don't know or trust well enough to provide your actual phone number. When they place a call to you, it will be diverted to your true phone number without them being aware of the transfer.

There are apps available for Android and iPhones that allow you to create a "disposable" phone number. The number will mask your true phone number and not allow calls to be traced back to your phone. You can get multiple phone numbers and discard them at any time. Sign up for temporary call forwarding. Sideline supplies you the second number on your iPhone and shows you the texts, calls, and voicemails all just on one screen. This disposable phone app uses your present carrier network and minutes for making sure that the 2nd number works anywhere.

With great sound quality on calls, it ticks all marks of being on your phone. Just like burner phones, this app provides you throw-away temporary phone numbers that can be used for incoming and outgoing phone calls. With Hushed Disposable Phone Number app that can be destroyed any time at your choice.

This disposable phone app allows you to buy anonymous telephone numbers to be used for the calls. Burner creates a temporary phone number for your iOS device giving you the flexibility to hide your primary number from prey eyes.

The numbers can be burned at any time with a simple press of a button. You have to sign up for a permanent phone number at the beginning that is renewed each month by this disposable phone number app. With Ghostbot of the app, you can generate automatic text replies for selected contacts.

You can end your search for a perfect hide my number app by choosing Secret Text Free App. Send a text or call anyone with a free second phone number without the risk of exposing your private number. With this free second phone number, you can add aliases and notes for your contacts that are only visible to you.

Lock all your texts just with a PIN code to experience the added privacy.

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