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Cant believe this worked out,i just got my credit score improved from to by netsolvetechnology gmail. In this case, you will have to opt the following method. Long story short after searching and searching i discovered global view. But they're not women. How can i delete messages on facebook messenger on iphone 5? Signing the papers in a week.

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Google Knows Literally Everything About You - Here's How To Delete That Data

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. This is so limited and encouraging to read. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to the rest of the pieces in this series! May not want to make assumptions about that one - I know some people use voice recognition software because of carpal tunnel syndrome or other conditions that limit the use of their hands. This is very informative and helpful!

I am so sorry the response you had from LLL was not helpful, though. Is it okay if I share this story with other Leaders? I think it could open some eyes! So glad you found it helpful! Absolutely, share it far and wide, wherever you please: I'd love for more people to learn abou this. Thank you for this article. As a medical student, I know that I would never learn stuff like this and I'm trans myself! Bravo, truly, and may you have continued prosperity.

I can only hope I am merely ignorant on this matter, but wouldn't being a trans healthcare provider pose more barriers than searching for trans healthcare? I mean in terms of the sheer amount of ignorance you encounter. Thank you so much for sharing this. Like you I found the LLL to be completely useless. I attended one meeting, where the leader strongly discouraged me from attempting adoption lactation. She said she thought it would be upsetting to the baby's "real mother" for me to breastfeed and that I should save some money for psychotherapy bills for my daughter later in life because being breastfed by someone not her "real mother" would mess with her head.

I'm so happy for you and your wife that you both were able to successfully breastfeed your child. I am so sorry you had that experience. This is truly the worst thing I've ever heard LLL do. It would have been more of service to say nothing at all, rather than be insulting if there is no solid knowledge behind their words. I am incredibly sorry you were treated this way.

I hate to say it, but are you sure she was a leader?! I know many leaders who are very knowledgeable about inducing lactation and adoptive nursing.. It just doesn't sound like something coming out of the leader's mouth at a meeting!! May be it was just an active member or something?!

It's just so odd! I appreciate all of this very geeky level of detail. D You are planning on writing a book eventually, right? It's just that my nerdy, geeky side is not letting me finish editing it for good.

I keep finding things to improve. I hope I'll be ready to put it out there some time next fall. If you need a copy editor who's also a lactation professional, look me up! The nice thing about writing a "text" book is that you can send out another addition later on as information changes.

Having this book out now would be great. I am about to begin studying to be a lactation consultant and I am thankful to have read this article. A Trans Woman's lactation never would have occurred to me. I am excited to see the possibility take form! Love love love this! I have insisted for years that this was possible, but most people just wrinkle their noses at the idea. Milk or no milk, the nursing relationship can be lovely and important, and no one need be excluded from it for arbitrary reasons.

A mother feeding her baby is disgusting and creepy?! Remember, women breastfeeding babies they didn't give birth to has been part of human culture since the dawn of our species and indeed is present in almost all mammals - we've just refined the process a bit. Some people is really stupid! But they're not women. So it IS creepy and disgusting. This comment has been removed by the author. Can't stand reading the truth? Don't publish it and ask for responses.

Why don't you publish your name and photo so we know what bigotry looks like? I really enjoyed this article, thank you for writing it! It is too bad that LLL couldn't give you any support.

I wanted to mention that LLL groups are made up of breastfeeding mothers in that particular neighbourhood, which makes each group unique. Possibly you would have found better support with a different group, so I hope that other mothers in your situation still reach out to LLL.

The only way to make LLL better is for all breastfeeding mothers to become members - could you imagine the knowledge they would have then to share?

I'm sorry you didn't find what you are looking for, by LLL is a volunteer service. People give of their free time to help others. They are not paid lactation consultants. If you feel there isn't enough educated support for couples with you specific lactation needs you should def.

It sounds like you have a great handle on the experience. The best teachers are those who have gone through it before themselves. There is no need to bash another group. Reading this reminds me of how primitive humans still are. We have so much to figure out yet and to work through, that I feel all of us who have been born so far have been given the short end of the stick here.

I envy those who will live when our society will be far more advanced than it will likely ever be in our lifetime. Hopefully, our society will get past the dogmas of today and be capable of working great masterpieces of science to better the lives of those yet to be born. We live in a time when majority of people have yet to separate gender a construct from sex the anatomy of our bodies let alone all the other hurdles we have to get through in enlightening people.

It infuriates me that "Sarah" received such a response. On the other hand, I enjoyed reading the pros of her experience with breastfeeding. I honestly felt a lot of empathy likely because I could find myself in the same situation should I ever decide to be a parent. I appreciate this article deeply. My name is Sherriea I am 11 years living as the woman I feel I am as a transexual.

For several years I have tried to lactate as I have heard many of girls do feel the urge to make milk because it helps us feel more like real genetic woman- plus it raises a girls libedo to the max. So good for you. I've never heard of breastfeeding increasing sex drive, and our experience was just the opposite. It would be a cruel joke of nature if it did! Sherria, the opposite is true! Trevor, every person has a different experience and a different reaction to the hormones.

Breastfeeding increased my sex drive starting 6 months post-partum with all three of my children until they weaned at about 3 years of age. Don't be so narrow-minded and try to lump everyone's experience into a single definition.

Quite a few studies have found that this is the case for most people though. Breastfeeding hormones also affect most people's fertility usually for about six months or so , but a few people are fertile within weeks of delivering even if they are breastfeeding. I find it interesting that you mention that the breastfeeding hormones increased your libido starting at about six months postpartum.

What did you feel was their effect during the first six months? These people clearly haven't read my prior post. Eh, I guess I should be thanking them for proving my point. These anti-intellectuals are an embarrassment. I have to ask, have you heard of adopting non trans mothers doing this too? I've thought of adopting, but never would have considered going through a bunch of hormone treatments in order to breastfeed.

Yes, many adoptive mothers induce lactation and breastfeed. The Newman-Goldfarb protocols for induced lactation were developed for adoptive mothers and mothers of babies born to surrogates. It's not really 'a bunch of hormone treatments' in the standard protocol, it's just one, and it's no different from being on a birth control pill for a few months. In fact that's all it is. Breastfeeding is so worth fighting for, and it's great to hear it went so well for you. This is amazing to read, I like the term "non-gestational parent" a lot and shall try and remember to use that rather than the more common and less thoughtful terms I've seen.

I know how hard it can be to get medics to help you with their brains using "first principle" or "your knowledge my experience" thinking - I'm so pleased it worked out. And yes, wtf to the not giving trans women progestins, I'm not a trans woman myself but I know so many here in the UK who find the combination of oestrogens and progestins are really important.

That relationship you get is so worth all the work! I'm not trans but I am parenting with my female partner. I personally don't like ANY of the labels. You are both moms. I'm assuming you both have names, and I'm sure they could be used when addressing you.

When my son was little bitty his class did family drawings. The kids were to label the members of their family. My son labeled us mom 1 and mom 2. Congratulations to you and your sweet family. What great parents your baby has. It's 'Mama' and 'Mommy' to our little one and everyone else. Thank you for such kind words! He is a great baby too. Breastfeeding requires effort and commitment. I found pumping difficult and draining, and really respect any person who is devoted to that work.

I am humbled by this devotion, as well as those that are able to share their milk via milk banking. So much to learn! When I shared this on Facebook it described the story as a transgender "dad" feeding "his" baby. No, it's a non-gestational mum. I think that when someone shares my blog on Facebook, the tagline for the whole blog in general comes up I normally blog about my life as a breastfeeding, transgender dad. Obviously for this post that doesn't work at all!

I've changed the tagline on the blog to say "Breastfeeding and parenting from a transgender perspective. I hope that changing your tagline means that you will post more articles like this! There is so little info about trans parenting in general, especially for trans women. Thanks so much for the work that you do, for getting your experience out there, and also for reaching past your own experience to give us information!

So glad to remember that we aren't alone in this! I'm a breastfeeding counselor. I am also gay and consider myself to have more of a clue about LGTBQ issues than your average person, but in defense of the LLL Leader I have to admit that I sort of had the same response when this was first presented to me.

I simply wasn't thinking it through. I had a woman ask me if a transwoman could breastfeed. I didn't realize at the time that she was transgender. My off the cuff response was "I don't think it would work. Sometimes men lactate so it would be very possible. She told me that she had lactated but hadn't breastfed her baby. I encouraged her to consider it next time. You do this by deactivating your Facebook account.

But you can also delete your Facebook account permanently if you want to leave Facebook for the rest of your life. Before saying goodbye to your Facebook life, you should backup your data in case you need it at a later point in time. You might be thinking why I am telling you such simple thing.

But some people might not be aware of this. Here are the steps to deactivate your Facebook account:. One thing that most users want to know is how to delete Facebook account permanently. I even had a credit check when I got my last cell phone plan. I met a Network Engineer and credit scoring expert with decades of consumer credit industry experience, serving as consumer affairs manager for FICO and consumer operations manager for Experian.

I am most certain he will be of great assistance to you wymandustyn gmail. Wow , Thanks for recommending wymandustyn gmail. I finally got some negative items removed from my Credit Report. I knew i had to do something out of the ordinary. Long story short after searching and searching i discovered global view. He was being appreciated by different people in a forum where they shared their stories and experiences with him.

I contacted him for two reasons, fix my financial life and spy on my wife so i can catch her cheating and divorce her without we splitting anything into half or she leaving with the kids.

He ofcourse charged me for the services but it was affordable. It was with the help of the same hacker Mr Rivers contacted. Telling you my experience can never be as good as you experiencing it yourself. Contact him to fix your credit. My credit score has just been raised!. I promised to post this if he did as promised. I guess, you know what now. I was able to fix my credit scores through a credit repair agency on creditscoresrepairagency gmail. There is a qualified credit repairer grandbasedata techie.

Contact him and you will thank me a dozen times. Thanks to you Rusty for referring creditscorerepairplc gmail. I was referred to creditscorerepairplc gmail. Dustyn Wyman is a Network Engineer and credit scoring expert with decades of consumer credit industry experience, serving as consumer affairs manager for FICO and consumer operations manager for Experian. Allegedly, a cluster of pentesters have developed a technique that takes advantage of the loopholes Uncle Sam has and are assisting those with poor credit scores get their scores all the way up to mid s within short period, surprising right?

Their charges are affordable and reasonable considering the fact that you will be able to source for loan once your score is fixed up. I am completely out of debt. I paid off all of my debt. To God be the glory. It destroyed my credit score. Funny thing is I am fine with that. Credit scores are for the middle class which is shrinking. You are either top or bottom class now.

With talks of debtors prison I am super glad I am out of debt. What I did was contact Birdeye some months back and all my debts in cc, HELOC, student loans and even personal loans were cleared in the shortest period of time I ever imagined.

Sure, all of these tips will help to raise your credit socre. But why not quit worrying so much about the score, and dump the cards altogether?

I feel the benefits of a cash-only life outweigh the inconveniences. If your credit score is not as high as you think it should be, then you need to contact this genius hacker globaltechnologies46 Gmail. Tell him Jeffery Adernson referred you. He would respond promptly. Recommended by a coworker who got negative items removed and was able to close on a home …my husband had poor credit and they also removed the negatives in less than three days.

I have recommended them to friends with the same results…I am writing this review because of the negative reviews out there …think about this,,, whats the cost of having bad credit.. I pity people like you who just come out here to destroy other innocent people, i pray karma catches up with you soon…i contacted globaltechnologies46 gmail. Evan makes a valid point. You need to have some type of credit to qualify for a mortgage loan or an auto loan. Debit cards and cash do not affect your credit score.

So many other places are using your credit score that it becomes important whether you prefer to use cash or credit. You have to remember that a credit score is a quick risk analysis for a creditor. They take on risk when they give out a loan. While these tips are great I agree with Matt. Stop living beyond your means. I love the benefits of credit. The FICO score and credit cards are here to stay.

Our good credit reports and FICO score allowed us to get the best mortgage interest rate and because of that our mortgage is almost paid off. Use part cash and part credit cards, and, as noted, simply pay the credit cards off each month! I absolutely agree with you guys, if you have no self control with credit cards, then use cash until the cards are paid to zero balance.

Never carry a balance — ever! However all the perks that come with credit cards, with rewards points free stuff , purchase protection, easy to keep track of expenses — can really be taken advantage of — again, if you never carry a balance. And of course have a good credit score for getting better rates for going into good debt like a home or condo purchase, when the time is right. Getting into responsible habits will not only help them financially, but it will also have the added benefit of helping their credit score.

Besides being a great tool for building or rebuilding your credit score, they can be a great tool to teaching responsible use of plastic! Check tip 2 — pay your bills on time. Or tip 8 — Dispute possible errors or mistakes on your credit report. For one, people would figure out how to game the system if they knew the specifics. And also, why should FICO give up the use of their proprietary tool?

Agreed, but you could argue that enjoying a monopoly means they should be required to disclose a little more. Imagine if doctors kept the secrets of normal blood pressure hidden:. I can see people finding ways to open up accounts just to work up their score if they knew what the score specifics where. Think of it more like Google search algorithm. We have an idea how it works but only Google knows exactly what gets sites ranks as they do.

They could take a while; a few months, depending on when your lenders report to the credit agencies and what they report. But some are more immediate like lowering your credit utilization and lowering your balances but not instant.

Your credit reports show what credit you are using and what is outstanding. The sooner you can get your debts paid off the quicker your score has the potential to change. Thanks for the info. Always curious how people have horrible credit for years, seems like small steps start adding up quickly. The small snowball turns into an avalanche. But it works the other way too. Many people spend years getting into debt and then expect to get out of it quickly.

It takes work, time, and discipline, but it is possible. I guess when we live in a world expecting instant gratification, we expect our credit score to work the same way. Seems like improving your credit score is more like going on a diet, small improvements over a long period of time. Do NOT trust him at all! Seems like a no-brainer but unfortunately one that hurts probably the most! Unfortunately another big one though is lack of credit history … as someone who only recently moved to the UK, my sterling credit rating in my home country unfortunately did not transfer over with me and it takes a long time to build a credit rating from the ground up.

Keeping an eye on my credit report has definitely been worth it and one site I use here is called CheckMyFile which actually monitors all three of the big agencies for a fairly reasonable fee. It is always down there even after I established good credit and took care of all my collections. What is the best way to deal with these idiots can someone tell me? My frustration lies in the fact I have worked steadily on cleaning up our credit scores after a setback a few years ago. We recently purchased a used truck on credit emergency after milking the life from my husbands year-old truck my car is now years-old.

This purchase dropped our credit scores by about 40 points each. And in their summary reports it says this factor is affecting our ratings. When we got the truck loan I knew something was wrong.

Interest rate was too high in comparison to our track record and debt to income ratio. How to fix this, dunno. But to anyone and everyone, read every last detail of your credit reports. Score is lower because of this. I have good-very good credit.. After spending a long time in college I have accumulated a substantial amount of student loans and would like to get the best possible rate when I consolidate at the end of this year. I have 3 credit cards I use, two with no balance, one I opened last year with a low balance they actually increased my limit a few months ago and keep getting pre-approved offers from Discover.

I am trying to decide whether I should go ahead and open a new card, I am not sure if the increased total limit would outweigh the new account being opened when it comes to my credit score and the APR I can get with that consolidation loan. Any advice would be appreciated. Are you trying to consolidate your student loans onto credit cards?

Or are you trying to make your debt-to-credit ratio better for your score by having more credit available? I am trying to get the best possible interest rate on a consolidation loan when I consolidate my numerous private student loans into 1 consolidation loan. Since the total amount is high 8 years at a private rather specialized school a slightly higher interest rate on the consolidation loan would drastically increase the total amount paid over the life of the loan, some people even end up paying more in interest than in principal.

I know that having a high debt to credit ratio will hurt your credit score, and I have been receiving offers from Discover Card. My dad has a card with them and highly recommends them, they have also offered me an APR lower than that advertised on their website.

I will likely open a card with Discover at some point, I know that cards weigh more when they are more mature, so opening it sooner rather than later will benefit me down the road. I already have good credit this was not the case a couple years ago but I would like to have outstanding credit when it comes time to consolidate so I get the lowest rate possible and pay as little as possible in interest over the life of the loan.

Found this to be helpful as well, thanks good post. I checked out http: This is really excellent starting advice, especially for someone who ruined his credit in college — you know how that goes. When I tried to get a car a few years back, nobody would even talk to me because I had no credit. Unfortunately, I had to turn to JDByrider. Almost 3 years later and a lot more money than the car is even worth my car is nearly paid off. I have no credit cards, no bills outstanding, and nothing in collections.

Now, here come the questions… 1. Once the loan is paid in full, how much will that hurt my credit? If I can give one tip from me to everyone reading comments: Yes, you will save your money and more money means less financial problems. While I was looking for how to repair my credit, I found a lot of credit repairing companies.

I read more about them and I found that most of them use illegal loopholes in the system. So, it is not recommended to use credit repairing companies, because you may have legit problems in time. The best way is to repair it slow. I had a few unpaid medical bills on my report and also a balance on one of my credit cards.

I refinanced my house and paid the unpaid debts on my report. Will this substantially raise my score or did the refi hurt me? No late payments on my vehicle or credit card or house pmts.

Like you said, improving your credit score can save you so much money in multiple facets. With a score right at I find it near impossible to get credit. So when you have four old collections paid but only two good things forget about it! As stated previously, the best solution is to pay for everything in cash. But, for most people in certain circumstances this is not possible or feasible. Most people do not have large enough cash reserves to pay for homes, cars, medical expenses, etc.

This is where credit comes into the picture. Unfortunately, some people fail to control their spending and eventually start to have debt and credit problems. It takes time but it can be done. I understand how important good credit is to life in our society. But have any of you stopped to wonder if this is actually a good thing? Has it really always been this way? Or have americans just allowed this to happen? To pull an account of every account you own, their history and etc?

I do agree it would be something of an invasion of privacy for a landlord to pull your credit history. When companies lend money, or landlords rent their homes, they are taking a risk. Credit scores are a fast way to determine what that risk is. Auctionable article right there. I had my credit score increased to , after i contacted one of the hackers with great reviews, I contacted him for both credit increase and clearing of criminal records from the state of Florida, which he did in 4 days, I believe netsolvetechnology gmail.

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The cost of poor credit is massive. You will pay higher interest, require larger down payments, and ultimately life will cost you more than someone who has excellent credit.

The game of credit scores never ends. You might have an credit score one week and a the next. That is why I keep my hacker close. He deletes any form of negative items on reports and replaces them with good tradelines that will help boost your score more effectively, efficiently and less costly.

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Do you require any of the following services? You can mention my name Kyle as reference. I applied for a home loan few weeks ago but did not qualify. The last time I went through my credit report there were all sorts of things on my record including messed up addresses,bankruptcy and tax liens to dispute, and the companies all dropped it off my record.

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You can equally mail them [Notablespy. Some months back, I had really been searching of a good credit expert to help me fix my bad report which was preventing me from getting a mortgage.

Severally, I got scammed by imposters who claim to be credit repair gurus but finally ripped me off my money. I felt like giving up on my search for solution but I really needed to fix my dwindling credit so I kept on searching. Still through Google recommendation, I stumbled upon his positive review which was impressive.

He did not just increase my credit score to a high s from a low , but also fixed the negative items which included a late payment to appear as on-time payment. He is really a God sent. You all could reach him for similar need on the email address above and get your credit-related problems solved permanently without hassles and scam.

I had a bankruptcy, eviction and a judgment, medical bills with some couple of late payments on my credit report. He came through, deleted all the negative items, raised my score to and also added primary tradelines; mortgage, installment, auto tradelines and revolving credit cards on my profile to help boost my score more effectively, efficiently and less costly.

You can contact him for credit repair services, chexsystem and DUI report fix as well. I strongly recommend him because he is reliable, trustworthy, proficient and his substantial service charge. I must confess he is good at what he does. Reach out to him now and he will definitely put a smile on your face. My credit score was around I had a judgement from and charge offs so my credit dropped over the years.

I could not get a better job and was rejected for mortgage loan thrice. However,I spoke with a mortgage specialist about purchasing and her advice was to get my credit score up to at least,because according to her everything i needed to qualify for a USDA loan was to get my credit score up. I became worried and decided to express my feelings to a colleague at the office who referred me to his family hacker [SCEPTER] by name.

However, I explained my predicament to him and how badly i needed to get my score up to get qualified for a loan. He briefed me in details on how the repair process works and encouraged me to have faith in his work.

I gave him a trial, paid a required upfront fee and surprisingly the job was done neatly and my score was finally raised to within 7 business days. I believe most of you here have credit issues and would probably consider this opportunity to be rare, therefore, you are free to contact him on the email address above and be happy to benefit from his exceptional works.

I do have a solution and agencies even creditors cannot solve. I have a problem on my credit report, for the past 4 or 5 years I have paid non-stop and on time, however, CreditExpert still shows that all payments are late, how can this be?

I contacted the agency that is helping me, and they said that although the money is taken on time from my bank account, and paid by them to the creditor on time, it is the process within the creditor that causes the delay.

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