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I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. Also, download the iGB app for free in the App Store. I don't think you can use one connection for outgoing traffic and other one for incoming in any of these modes. Im always getting a "error connecting to the server" pop up! Anonymous Thanks too 4 d comment. Download the apps you need plus anti-virus…. War is not best option but it the last option.

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WiFi is a common way for Internet sharing and its available for all android user. You also download all premium android apps apk for free. Check out our previous best: Top 5 Best Android Hacking Apps.

The use of osmino wifi app seems to be the best any easiest method when hacking into a wifi network. Newer Post Older Post Home. Learn Computer Ethical Hacking is not so easy as Talking. Hacker is learn lot of book about Ethical Hacking. Hackers knowledge is more than The router will still be online and accessible from outside along with respond to SMS commands but clients will not be able to access the Internet. The rest use the Direct Internet in parallel.

This will prevent any sensitive traffic to spill out on the. Connection Tracker is currently disabled when the VPN client has been enabled. Re-arranged the menu for improved structure. Manual has been updated accordingly. Added support for LTE band 28 Mhz.

Port Forwarding in LIM is also limited to a total of 15 entries. Premature change of time. Router check for new firmware updates. Alcatel One Touch LV. Huawei E Telus Canada. Huawei E - supports SMS. Huawei E - no SMS. Hi VaL, it cannot combine the speed of two different internet connections. It can only distribute the load between them. Hi my isp provides 5 ip adresses. I only see that i use one at a time. My setup is like this. Rj45 jack in wall to switch.

From switch to ip tv and router. From router to the rest. If i make 2 connections from switch to router. Can i have 2 ip adresses then? Sorry for my bad english. Sorry for very late reply. It should be possible. I can get this load balance by software and this all ok. I don't think the load balance works this way. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Hi Muthuraj Krishnasamy, hope this message is well recieved. It is not possible. The GUI of the setup looks almost identical. I have an apple TV device that I am trying to connect via the vpn client on the router Note, I am using the vpn client, not the server function.

I want all other devices to connect via my normal ISP connection. I've configured Lan1 as the 2nd WAN connection. I want to try and route Is there a way to set that up on the routing table? Or any other ideas on how to accomplish? If I put a route in for the apple TV, it won't let me use "all" for the other routes. I have some idea in my mind. I will test it out and update you what I find.

There are 4 ethernet ports, and I'll set up port 1 as one of the WANs. Hi I am getting a IP conflict issue when i am trying to connect can you please advise how to sort this issue. Can you please give me more details about the issue you are facing? Hi can i use both isp speed at the same time for my desktop when i am using dual wan? You can distribute the load but you cannot combine the speed. My cable is my primary and i typically use the dsl in fail over mode.

However I have a data cap on my cable line that i want to conserve as much as possible. I was wondering if i could designate routing rules by other than device IP and use external Ip's? For instance; I listen to Amazon music desktop app all day long and would like that to use my secondary dsl line while my desktop mostly uses my primary line.

If it is possible then how would i find that IP address and would it be static u think? Hi TahoeDan, Sorry for replying late. That is an interesting question.

I believe it should be static. Music app client will always connect to single source IP unless otherwise an update to the app changes this. We can use a request debugger tool like fiddler to find out the amazon music service URL from which we can find out the IP. Are there different versions or they just don't list it in the manual?

They keep updating the router firmware with bug fixes and new features sometimes. Devices in Bedroom Eg. Hi Vanessa, Connect your devices to switch as you normally do. When you access the router Page, you can see the assigned IP address for each of the device connected to the router via switch.

Hi, Verry great Post here! I have issue with dual wan in load balance mode and remote access to the router. Can i use the routing table to assign the primary wan or secondary wan to get access remotely to the web gui of the router? Actually i can logon from outside to the router but i loose the connection many time when i move in different menu into the router, it's look that the router receive his external remote cession from one wan and during the cession the wan acces is change and the router ask me to logon again if i force to refresh the start logon adress page.

I use one cable modem on Wan1 and a dsl modem on wan 2 with static ip adress and DMZ from the dsl modem to the static ipc router adress. I tried to add routing rule "my remote ip adress" to "ip adress router" with primary wan, but this doesn't fix the issue. Any advise on this? Thank you for helping.

I Re-post my message, as i was not signed. Settings have been updated. Web page will now refresh. Changes have been made to the IP address or port number. What's the version of the firmware running on your device? Pls make sure that you have the latest firmware. I'll also enable dual wan and check this out over this weekend. Can you install the stock firmware and see if the problem still exists? That way we can eliminate that it is not a problem caused by merlin Merlin don't touch at all the dual wan section at all, if i use 1 wan only i don't have the issue, but i will try out for you the stock firmware even this one is less performant in therm of wifi.

I come back soon after the test. The issue still continue with stock firmware: I think i left a lot of time to give a chance to resolve this issue and No feedback from your test and no help from others users, From my end my conclusion is that Asus Dual WAN is terrible and can't be use at all in a production envir. Even Merlin don't touch at all this part of code and for a good raison, if the original code of this function is buggy, why he will do better?

The price of the Asus to just be use in access point is definitely out of competition between other competitors. Hi Pascal, Really I could not test the dual wan option. I have moved into a new apartment and I have only one wired broadband connection now.

I have a usb dongle which i used for dual wan testing but it never works inside my apartment now. I will definitely test it asap and post my findings here. How about other device that I don't set routing rules? Router will select by themselves? In the above setup, my phone Router will select either Primary or Secondary based on the load. In my router the load balance was set as 3: Also remember that load is not calculated using no of devices connected to the router.

For example a single Torrent client app will open hundreds of sessions if you are downloading from torrentz. You have done a great job of figuring it out and writing it here. Finally my network is all set Hello, I'm getting up conflict with my dual wan set up in either fail over or load balancing mode. My set up is as follows: IP is leased from the other host AP. I tried setting manual ip to LAN 1 as Gateway address is For example something like I thought about doing that, but I have lots of devices in the house using manual ip so it'd be a hassle to have to fix them all.

Guess I'll give it a go. Please try it and let us know if it fixed the issue. Quick question on the dual WAN failover. Can the routing rules be setup to route all traffic across the primary connection and if there's a failover, only route traffic from specific devices across the secondary?

Hi Nick, That is not possible. Routing rules are not enabled for failover mode. I mean will it only detect if the connection to internet is lost or does it only detects if the other router is down? I have tried and tried but have not succeeded and would be very grateful if you could help me.

Hi again, I have done some more tests and still it does not work as I like. I'm not sure if I have configured something wrong or misunderstood how it suppose to work or may be there's something wrong with my Asus router. I have talked with Asus support in Sweden, but they seems to have very little knowledge about Dual WAN and could not help.

I have also emailed Asus support hoping I reach someone with more technical knowledge. Meanwhile, here's the result of my tests same as sent to Asus support, but I also attatched some screen dumps and logs: Without "Enable Ping to Internet". Hi - i couldnt get the issue: Hi, no it does not. With "Enable Ping to Internet" and the wire to the primary disconnected - the system switch between the primary and secondary WAN in sec intervals.

This mean that the router doesn't have internet connection during half of the time and is more or less unuseful when the primary wan is down. Hi , 1 No you do not need to specify the second rule. Also remember that load balancing is based on data sessions, so different datasessions within a single device will also use either primary or secondary conenction based on the load balance configuration.

For ex if you use 2: In this post I am going to walk you through dual WAN router settings. I am not going to cover the basic WAN settings as there are lot of posts which tells you hot to do it and also the Quick Settings wizard helps to easily set the router up and running for you. For some reason, the option provided in the Firmware page under "Administration" menu did not detect the latest firmware. It is always better to update the firmware as soon as the new version arrives.

After a while you will see both Primary and Secondary as connected. It looks like this is a bug in this firmware version. I will walk through how to configure the ADSL modem in bridge mode in my next post. Please leave your questions in the comments section and let me know if you have any queries related to this router. Posted by Muthuraj Krishnasamy at 9: Muthuraj Krishnasamy January 21, at Andy May 17, at 4: Muthuraj Krishnasamy May 17, at John June 15, at Muthuraj Krishnasamy June 15, at 2: John June 16, at Muthuraj Krishnasamy June 18, at 1: John June 19, at Muthuraj Krishnasamy June 19, at 1: Afih Jamee June 18, at 6:

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