I'm an American and I want to watch the Olympics. What do I do?

Option One: Tune In With a Digital Antenna

Here Are All the Ways You Can Watch the Rio Olympics
Yes, these broadcasts will feature lots of athlete interviews and those dramatic profiles viewers sometimes complain about. You may need this English version site address: For that, you need to watch an online stream. Olympic medan count by country, courtesy of CBS Sports. Germany is second with 17, but have the most gold medals with 9. Friday's opening ceremony will be shown live online starting at 6 a.

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Five things to watch on Tuesday at the Olympics. Expect many to watch Olympics online. Olympics swimming trials live stream: How to watch Team USA tryouts o Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: One Year to Rio, U. Takes Stock of Olympic Ho Trailer of Rio Olympic Games. Mon Aug 15, sbnation. Mon Aug 15, foxsports. The Americans beat Fran Tue Aug 09, usatoday. Click here for more detailed schedule and TV Tue Aug 09, lifehacker. Fri Aug 05, fortune. Tue Jun 28, sbnation. Mon Aug 03, olympictalk.

Wed Jun 29, Corruption and crime aren't the only things plaguing the Summer Olympics: All you need is your television, a good television antenna, and a little patience to adjust the antenna for optimum reception. If you really want to geek out, you can build your own DVR to record the Olympics, then remove the commercials automatically. And very few events are broadcast live, with NBC preferring to stick the premier events in prime time slots regardless of when they actually happen. But even with these flaws, an HD antenna gives you the best picture possible without costing you a dime.

For more information about using an antenna to pull in over-the-air broadcasts, check out our full guide here. NBC broadcasts most of the big events on its network TV station, broadcasts something from the Olympics pretty much constantly on NBCSN, and occasionally pads out its broadcasts on a few other stations it owns: Access to all of these channels will let you watch pretty much whatever you want, and with most services you can pad things out with the NBC Sports app.

The best bang for your buck here is probably Sling TV, but most of these services will do the job. If you want to watch all the Olympics, this is probably your best option, because the next one is a lot more technical.

It leaves you in a position where you need to border hop, digitally speaking, to a land with less restrictive Olympic viewing. Olympic coverage is buried under mountains of bureaucracy and advertising agreements, in countries like Canada and England, the Olympics are broadcast on public television stations, the CBC and the BBC, respectively.

Fortunately for you, us, and everyone else who just wants to get some good wholesome and free! You should fully expect to pay for a service that is reliable and fast enough to support continuous streaming of a foreign streaming source, however.

If you and your wife, for example, wanted to watch your favorite Olympic coverage on your separate laptops, you could either configure each laptop to connect to the VPN service, or you could configure your home router to route all your home network traffic through the VPN.

Keep that in mind as we discuss your options. In spite of that, you might also need best free Rio Olympics sports streaming apps, due to such-and-such a problem, for example, accessibility to streams in different areas. But before we go further into Olympics live streaming sports apps for iPhone, iPad, Android or TV, let's just see how many ways are available for you to watch Rio Summer Olympic Games live in You still have a chance to fly to Brazil to enjoy the competitions instead of watching Olympic Games live streaming before boxes.

If you happen to have time and air fare is out of question, then forget about Olympics sports streaming apps and go get a live sport show this summer in Brazil, which although is in winter now. To watch Rio Olympics live, don't forget to fully charge your phone or camcorder to snap or record those best shots. And later you can upload a highlights video of Rio Olympics to YouTube, Facebook, etc via Wi-Fi for sharing after some simple editions.

Uploading video to YouTube or Facebook sometimes needs video conversion to get over video format compatibility issues, which will never be as easy as pie unless you are ready with a professional yet easy-to-use video converter software. You may try WinX Video Converter , which is free and clean but really works. It also has a Deluxe version , costing you Considering that the seats are limited and probably you much prefer to watch the Rio Olympics live streaming at home, on the couch, with drinks, we find several ways for you, of course including Olympics streaming apps.

Just be aware that the competitions will be played on Brazil time, maybe midnight in your country. List of Summer Olympics broadcasters. This is the official YouTube channel of Olympic Games, with over 1 million subscribers, which will live stream Rio Olympics

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