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There is email and there is web mail. Yahoo web mail has indeed changed and if you used Thunderbird then the changes would have gone unnoticed. Yes, I mean web email unless Yahoo is something other than what it is, sorry I thought it was understood. No I do not use thunderbird and when I contacted Yahoo Mail! So r u telling me if I have this "Thunderbird" I will get my pages back? It will be interesting to check on user ratings at the about. The state of free email is rather dire in that respect, and the time may come when one will simply be forced to look for paid options.

Fastmail is one such, although even that has to a degree, succumbed to the prevailing fad of mending what is not broken. Startmail, a new kid on the block, is currently under beta testing, with a view of launching early next year.

I asked for clarification because you were not explicit. I'm going to be explicit at the risk of upsetting you. Yahoo, even Yahoo has a classic email service that you can use your choice of email clients. If you had gone with classic email software you would never have noticed the web mail changes. Also, with web mail, you give up control of if your email is archived, lost and more. If the web mail host decided to add video advertising to every page, your choice of web mail means you were OK with that.

Again, I've probably upset you by being blunt and explicit but web mail is not yours to control. There are folk that you may have heard of that think this as well. Ever hear of this guy? Thanks for your response but I have an email account with my IP however it is prudent to have some type other type of "web base" email account and it would be silly for me to pay for two "web base" email account.

Poor customer svc is plaguing Yahoo Mail! Google appears to be the best blocking spam emails from India, the spam capital of the world and Yahoo Mail! Thanks for the response. I never changed my Yahoo Mail!

One day I went to my email and it was changed and I have not gotten any help from Yahoo so I decided to ask the "boards" and maybe someone could help me.

Since then Yahoo Mail! I tried to go back to Classic but can not. Thanks so much for your suggestions and response. Does your ISP not provide a free email service? Most do and mostly they are POP3, where you download your messages to your email client, e. Thunderbird At stable release Yes, you have to manage your email, not just stuff it in Gmail's huge bin but in return, as Bob said, you get to tailor Thunderbird to your exact liking and it won't keep changing to a "New and Improved" format.

I'm afraid most free webmail providers break the fundamental IT rule "If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I was thinking about this and it is nice to know that I may be on the right track.

Thank u for responding. Personally I like Gmail. Google's been doing like Yahoo and messing with the web interface, but they're kind enough to offer free IMAP service for now at least so you can use almost any email client you want in conjunction with that, and IMAP means that you can have access to the same set of messages anywhere. Gmail though, at least isn't as bad as Yahoo where it just seems like they are intent on bombarding you with ads from every direction in your email if you don't use some kind of ad blocking software.

Google has maintained some restraint and kept only to its relatively unobtrusive text ads. If they ever find themselves in the kind of dire financial straits Yahoo is in, who knows what they might do, but at least for now we can enjoy the gravy train while it lasts. Have u heard of "Thunderbird"? Someone suggested if I had it I would not have noticed the changes Yahoo Mail! Thunderbird is an email client not some kind of browser add-on or something that will modify the way the Yahoo mail site looks.

The client downloads your email to your PC. The good news is you are independent of your email service provider, the bad news is all that email is stored on your PC and you have to manage it. On the other hand, you can use email forwarding to change email providers. For instance, open a Gmail account. Set email forwarding on your Yahoo account to forward all your mail to your Gmail account.

Only send email from your Gmail account. Sooner or later, all your contacts get the word and you can shut down the Yahoo account. I tried useing it a couple months ago - their writeup was good but also it is still a work in progress - and the progress seems to be slow If you download and install the Thunderbird email program from http: You need to download T'bird, then set it up so it knows where to find jimmy yahoo and jimmy gmail and all your other email addresses.

That takes about 30 seconds per address. Then T'bird will download everything in your webmail inbox. You need never fear Yahoo or Gmail deleting anything even accidentally. Of course, there are drawbacks to keeping your emails on your box. You can even put Thunderbird on a USB pen drive, thumb drive, using Portable Apps so you can access your emails, all of them, from any computer without writing anything to their hard drive.

If by "pages" you mean Yahoo webpages then no Thunderbird will not help. The other Mozilla program, Firefox, the web browser, might. It is also in PortableApps. Just an arrow pointing up and it is so cumbersome. I tried Firefox years ago, before it was popular but I did not hang in there when they made improvements.

Now it appears that Thunderbird, Mozilla and Firefox are all connected. IE is my fav browser and I do not enjoy installing dups of software. It appears that I may have to give up Yahoo Mail! Thanks so much for responding. I know you said you didn't want to go to an email client like Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird, but you never gave a reason. When they would solve your problem, I find it hard to help you when you haven't given any reason not to pursue that other than to say you don't want to.

I have change providers over the past 18 yrs but Yahoo Mail! Although I tried other web base emails, at the time Yahoo Mail! All I am trying to do is try to "fix" Yahoo Mail! Thank you for responding. You still haven't given any reason for not going with Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird in conjunction with Yahoo Mail. US Man opens fire at his Wisconsin office, 3 seriously hurt.

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