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Review, Metro, , PDF. Will find out more and let you know that too About the green belt planned for development 9. If you oppose the development you MUST make your views known, in writing, via the questionnaire on the council website. Progress is being made!!! At other times the two cities diverge and appear very remote from one another.

Developers buy land to make money. They know the loopholes. Hinchley Wood and Long Ditton already have a weak infrastructure with overcrowded roads, sometimes at a standstill. More houses and people means more pressure on doctors and hospital appointments, harder to get school places, more traffic. Access to the development is unlikely to be off the A Manor Road or Woodstock Lane near Squires are "better suited" for access.

These specific roads and all junctions would need to likewise be developed widened to support access. This is green, open space that is used daily. Elmbridge BC run "healthy walks" on it. It contributes to the bio-diversity of the area and supports nature, birds and plant life in Stokes Field nature reserve.

This land is the gateway into Elmbridge. It depicts what Elmbridge is all about. It's green and open space. Elmbridge is all about being open. Great news to report following the Long Ditton resident association meeting this evening. Elmbridge Borough Council have confirmed that the proposed changes to the road layout will happen prior to the end of this financial year.

This means the pavement by the synagogue will be extended and a crossing Island added. See drawings for more details. This looks likes a sensible plan and a good compromise. It should be noted that this is part of a wider scheme happening at the same time which should have a significant impact on reducing the speed of cars near both Long Ditton and St Mary's Schools. More info available from LDRA. To all the people that signed our petition 2 years ago Finally we have got confirmation which we're thrilled about.

We're trying to clarify the exact details of the improvement works, when we find out, we'll let you know. Will find out more and let you know that too As you're all aware, our petition was accepted by Surrey County Council they're responsible for highways, not Elmbridge and the Local Committee agreed to extend the existing planned school safety zone Ditton Hill to Infants school to Fleece Road to St Mary's to cover this junction which we were really pleased about.

Since then the full safety plans for the whole area have been put out to consultation and there was quite a lot of objections to the number of road bumps proposed at the bottom of Ditton Hill and down Ditton Hill Road by residents who live there, some thought there needed to be more, some didnt want any at all and there has been a very mixed response.

There was no objections to what they'd proposed for "our" junction as there are no bumps proposed there. So, they had asked the Surrey highways officer who had drawn up the plans to scale them back in the Ditton Hill area. However, since then the officer has left and there is no one who has taken over. The head of dept is interviewing this week I understand. So, once the post has been filled, our ward councillors and county councillor can make contact and get the plans revised.

Murcia documentation by Techformance. Networked performance article by Maria X on sklunk. How Stuff Works - Urban Gaming. Golden Nica from Ars Electronica. When we were in Cologne we did one game that lasted until midnight.

As the last few minutes ticked away I was running through a rundown and — at that time — deserted industrial area. An estate pulled up in front of me, four men got out, picked me up and thew into the boot of the car. They drove off with me at high speed as I fought with them lying in the back of the car. They drove to a nearby garage to buy beer and to take my walkie talkie so that they could broadcast to online players. They soon realised they were out of range and had just started to drive back when one of the front tyres of the car burst and they skidded to a stop.

Then I had the challenge of convincing our hosts not to call the police on them. It turned out they were avid players of the game and thought it was a fitting climax to the Cologne version.

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Or subscribe to our newsletter here. Please leave this field empty. Read about the cookies on our site X Close. It was encouraging to see Blast Theory awarded the Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica, which has in the past lauded some commercial, apolitical projects. What computer set-up do I need to play? How many runners are there? How do the runners know where I am?

What happens when the runner sees me? Can I play more than once? With the steps we take together, we can see slavery abolished in our lifetime. For more information on A21 or human trafficking, visit A It is happening in industries that we interact with on a daily basis.

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