Internet doesn’t work on Windows 10?

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VPN and Internet connection
You will have the same problem with all of your other VPN users if they also have Basing on my knowledge, I think that it's theoretically possible to achieve Internet access using my local network and only corporate stuff to be routed using VPN connection. I unchecked the 'Use default gateway on remote network' check box and that did allow me to break out to the internet while I was connected to the VPN. The internet does seem to be working although I am suspicious that the connection is coming through the WIFI just. The easier way to resolve this issue, since I read that someone didn't have this issue on win xp, try to:. We had this all set up and working beforehand but our domain controller gave way recently and this is where the VPN connection was stored on so it should be able to set up on the new server. I note there are two default routes i.

VPN connects, no network access

Help with setting up a VPN. Can connect but get no internet access

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