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What’s the Best Chromebook of 2018?
Article Contents 1 Gimp 1. Once it's done downloading, a Geary icon will appear in the Chrome OS app drawer. I also tried Wine, but Windows apps didn't add an icon to the app drawer, like they do on actual Linux distributions. Intel Core iu 2. If you're still waiting for Android apps on your Chromebook, or you just don't want to install everything from Google Play, Mighty Text is a great way to get all your notifications. Smarts, Trickery, Or Both?

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However, given that most Chromebooks releasing this year are fully convertible, thanks to the wide adoption of Android app support, the Acer Chromebook 15 had to prove itself to us with more than just a nice aesthetic.

So, beyond its ability to lay flat using a degree hinge, this inch beauty makes great strides with its battery life as well, lasting almost 17 hours in our own TechRadar battery life test.

Intel Celeron N — N Graphics: The HP Chromebook 14 is basically the perfect Chromebook. Its rock-bottom starting price and speedy use of Chrome OS only begins to exemplify its appeal. Embellished with a bright blue finish and a screen made to surprise. This little Chromebook boasts the best value of any Chromebook you can buy today. Intel Pentium Y — Core m7 Graphics: The HP Chromebook 13 goes above and beyond what any of us would expect from a Chromebook.

Once it's done downloading, a Transmission icon will appear in the Chrome OS app drawer. If you see a message about connecting to a remote or local server, just click OK. There is some other Linux software I wanted to include here, but they didn't work well in my testing.

You can install Steam, but the Linux container on Chrome OS doesn't yet support graphics acceleration or sound, so most games are unplayable. I also tried Wine, but Windows apps didn't add an icon to the app drawer, like they do on actual Linux distributions. Latest news Android 8. Hottest Hottest Latest Comments.

Article Contents 1 Gimp 1. This article is part of our Linux on Chrome OS series. Next Story Upcoming Google Pixelbook devices allegedly shown off in 3 new leaks. Google Pixel 3 leaks with notchless 5. Are you getting one of the new iPhones? Maybe, I'm thinking about it. Ricoh Theta V review: JBL Link View review: Samsung Galaxy Watch review: Origins, Rocket of Whispers: Leaves beta, available for all] Apple Music is privately testing Android Auto integration in v2. Smarts, Trickery, Or Both?

Last 24 Hours Design is another important feature to think about when shopping for your next Chromebook. Although Chrome OS suffered for awhile under the weight of all the extra tech that a touchscreen demands, it seems that most of the major manufacturers have found a sweet spot that allows the operating system to better detect taps and swipes and make the investment into a 2-in-1 style worth the slightly bumped-up cost.

While some sleeker options like the Samsung Chromebook Plus decide to go the posh route with their look and feel, others like the ASUS CP Flip are almost strictly made with the pint-sized members of your family in mind.

Several of our favorite Chromebooks from last year, including the Toshiba Chromebook 2 and the Dell Chromebook 13, were cut from this list because manufacturers had discontinued their production.

Pitted head-to-head with any of their PC or even Mac counterparts, Chromebooks look hilariously underpowered and unsuited for the task at hand.

Chromebooks make great first laptops for your little ones, or cheaper web-browsing machines for any seniors in your family who might be guilty of downloading one too many viruses or annoying internet browser hotbars on the desktop in the living room. That said, there are still a wide range of ultrabooks that are perfectly tailored to the needs of working professionals that can keep up with your productivity levels without breaking a sweat.

Like everything you do for free with Google use their search function, email client, Drive, etc , every move you make and little bit of data you send their way is being scraped for metadata. Data which is collected while you use the Chromebook and then sold off to marketers for a slim profit.

This is why Chromebooks can pack in seemingly better hardware at a reduced price, because Google directly works with manufacturers to make sure their devices are accessible to every income level possible. But while Chromebooks are at least in my book pretty much the best automatic choice you should have when it comes to getting your recent senior graduate a new laptop for college , there are also quite a few other options you might want to consider that still expertly walk that line between durability, function, and price that university students need to tread every day.

While the Flip features a fun and funky design that suits any kind of laptop or tablet user, other offerings like the C break every record in the book with raw unadulterated power. No matter which you choose, Chromebooks are a solid, reliable, and most importantly: Chris Stobing Updated June 11,

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