Conficker Virus preventing internet access, system restore, Anti-virus SW access.

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Virus Proxy Server Stopping Internet Access
After restore, the pc boots on its own and then finally, the problem is gone. If your firewall asks whether you want to allow installation, say yes. Mshoney6 Member Member 11 posts. Google Play - C: Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Net cannot verify the validity of the statements made on this site. I am having the same problem as JackC.

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A virus is preventing access to the internet

I tried restoring and the virus has that blocked as well. I will try mfletches idea when i get home to see if that works I tried to restore in safe mode and red cross detected the program as being a malicious virus and ended the program.

It does a fake scan of my computer and says that all my browsers and a few other applications are infected. Then, it tells me to install the heuristics modules in order to get rid of the virus. This is all a scam, but i do not know how to get rid of it. I have tried the SAS scanner on the usb stick and it seemed to find a couple trojans, but it didnt find red cross or any others, so it didnt fix my problem.

Any more advice would be great. It is a great pleasure and discovery for me here in Nigeria to register with you, hence we are completly blocked from many web sights, and it is costly to subcribe, when you are looking for what to eat. February 16th, by Roy. January 14, at 1: January 14, at 5: Please consider donating via Paypal. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

For other browsers or versions of the programs, check help files for guidance on doing cleanup. Gather router install CDs, guides, passwords before doing this as you will need to do all connections again. By doing so, you are on your way to being well protected BUT never relax your guard! And as a bonus, your computer will be cleaner and probably a bit zippier all that for free!

Links listed, experience in buying 3 years for the Government before retirement and computing 26 years including 9 years for internet. Amazing Protection Antivirus Software - http: I am aware of, and have personal knowledge related to your question. There are computer maintenance businesses which are probably in your area, however they come at the cost of hiring a professional to enter your home.

There may also be some local destinations where you can drop off your computer and wait to have a technician look at it. These options can often be costly, and pretty inconvenient. The answer to this question can probably be found doing a little extra research on Google.

A well-running computer can be a hard thing to maintain. From my experience, there is but only One software which is reputable- and consistently reliable for healing sick, slow computers. Reimage was recommended to me by a Professor during my 2nd year of Graduate school. I just tried https: I was having all kinds of problems that were absolutely annoying me to death.

This computer had viruses, spyware, error messages, hardware problems, and it would often crash or freeze on me. I think the worst thing to me was how SLOW and laggy it became.