Why use Tor with a VPN service?


Tor vs VPN: which is better?
However, proxies were not designed to protect all of your Internet traffic, usually only the browser. You must also remember to never connect to the VPN without first going through Tor. Or does it only help me on my own computer? Today 36 1 1 2. Having said that I think that there is way too much paranoia and conspiracy fears surrounding this issue. I've found a couple of pieces of freeware, like FreeCap forcing programs to use Sock server , but it doesn't really do what I want - I am more looking for a global solution to this problem. If all of your data is pretty much put into a nice cute little organized pile just waiting for someone like the government to read through, well lets just say that makes things a lot easier for them and a lot harder for you.


Tor And VPN | Using Both For Added Security

The VPN provider will provide this information to authorities upon request or coercion. This can destroy your anonymity. The VPN provider can also know what else you're doing, including seeing what leaks when you use non-Torified applications. It can surely be a great way to increase your anonymity, especially if you trust your VPN provider more than your ISP. Actually it's like replacing your ISP with somebody else. And considering common data retention laws that apply to most of ISPs but not to VPN providers for example, some of them operate offshore , the winner is obvious.

I suggest you read this article explaining it in more detail. When choosing a VPN, one nice feature to look for is Multihop routing.

It means that the public IP you get is different than the IP of gateway you're connecting to. This makes traffic analysis attacks somewhat difficult even if we assume that the attacker is monitoring every single Internet tube. Of course, this all stands only if you trust the VPN provider that he does not store any logs about your usage. While it can be hard for you to trust some unknown for-profit company to keep their word, you can for sure trust your ISP that he is keeping the logs: This is a matter of who are you trusting more?

This is in a case where the schematic of your network looks something like the following:. There is one addtional outcome to this setup. Tor will not be able to determine where you are connecting from, even for reserch purposes. This may or may not give you some additional piece of mind that your data can not be used even in an anonymous way for reserch purpose.

In this case The exit node can not snoop on you, but instead VPN can snoop on you. Now the question is who do you trust more? The VPN or exit node. You need to make a judgement here for yourself. There is one additional advantage to this setup: You may access the web sites that block Tor exit node. There is also one downside to this setup: Forth, Your data is completely encrypted all the way to the destination site and from destination site to you.

Fifth, You have increased the the number of nodes from 3 to 5 node and eliminated any possible exit node snooping. Your VPNs should be located outside your jurisdiction, advesaries jurisdiction and outside the adversaries jurisdiction of influence. There is still one downside to this setup. The former will give you no benefit over using only VPN, but it will be slower. The latter might make it somewhat harder to trace back, but probably not much, also depending on what logs your VPN provider keeps.

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Today 36 1 1 2. Cash by mail is one option. If you are on android you can download OpenVPN from either the play store or F-droid the free open source software version of the playstore. If you are on Linux for example Ubuntu — choose the package for your distribution e. What browser should I use with Tor instead of google? In fact, if you are using Tor through VPN: Do you trust your VPN provider? Use the Tor browser, download here: So do you guys think i can work around some of these issues if i use tails system on top of all this.

Or does it only help me on my own computer? Really hope for a reply. Keeping multiple browsers open while using Tor is one of the things you really do NOT want to do. You even should stay away from multiple Tabs if you really want to be as safe as possible. Concerning this whole topic: First thx for all this tutorials about tor security and stuff.

Lot of documentation is available with few work of search. And is really a gain of time. For how reason keep some other browser open while im on tor brother can be not good??

Is a problem about anonimity or other else? I just had TorB and Chrome browsers open at same time. What do you expect. I know Crome is trendy atm but seriously at least use Chromium The fully open source browser Google uses as a base to add all its tracking shit too.

R browser bundle and be as anymous as possible. I have done hours of research and it seems everyone had their own opinion. I am a senior network engineer for a large company and it is my job to find a solution that integrates T. R with a rock solid VPN. Please email me as i do not have time to check forums, Thank you.

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In my opinion using TOR together with VPN is dangerous, since as article mentions, VPN provider can store all traffic, then if someone would really need then can put a lot of effort to decrypt the conten later on.

But if we would use only TOR and showing to our ISP we are uing TOR, our traffic would disappear on majority of nodes only some goverment nodes could save pratial data, yet it is not sure. You can even use some proxy on top of your browser too!!! The best way to stay Anonymous is not to use internet at all!!!

Your ISP lead to you. Your VPN either lead to you or does not. More added, more problem. This why tor does not allow. So that is 1. To stop your isp and other undesireables from knowing that you are using tor 2. To stop anyone at the other end knowing you are using tor. Both of these needs are essential in this day and age it seems to me so how can this be done.

Also who the hell wants to be accessing a website through a tor exit node?! OR does that vary on the vpn as to whether it is end to end or not? Is tor end to end encryption or just end to exit node? Ideally I would like to also run through Tor TWICE in series also, maybe through a raspberry pi which is setup to route all ingoing and outgoing traffic through Tor.

And finally I can never actually understand properly how this encryption is any good when someone could easily just intercept the keys along the way. How else can it be encrypted in the first place?! But that is often impractical. These seem like basic flaws with these systems to me, yet I hardly ever see anyone break it down in to laymens terms like I have just there and explain it properly.

Clarity and advice Appreciated on all or any that! So, technically, someone could connect those dots, yes? Many, many people would love to be online anonymously. So what we really need is a cheap easy all-in one-stop-shop solution. Security, ease-of-use and configurability exist as opposite points on a compass. Security is tedious to set up, and requires ongoing maintenance. Furthermore, it requires you to re-learn browsing habits. Having said that I think that there is way too much paranoia and conspiracy fears surrounding this issue.

They are looking at their catfish sex fetish sites in the privacy of their dark cubicle. Uses a specific port. It says it great for people getting blocked in countries like China. PPTP bit encryption — Supplies basic security and is faster because of it being only bit. If one way is better, could anyone give me an idea as to how I would configure it..? Thanks for all the good information..

OpenVPN would be most secure by most accounts. An example would be the Harvard kid that used Tor to send in a Bomb threat to the school.

Problem was, he was the only house in the state at the time using the Tor network. Hi Gunslinger… Do you know how they saw his Internet traffic to begin with..?? How could anyone tell that he was the only one in the state using the Tor network.. I thought that Tor makes a path before actually making an Internet connection, so nobody can tell where the connection is actually originating..?

Thanks for any information that you can give me. Just judging by the timing and proximity. I think there are probably many people using TOR at any given time in a whole state. But the way I heard the story, it was the only TOR connection on the campus internet, so it was already quite narrowed down for them. And they love these dumbass easy catches, because every time they parade the story around as if TOR has no value anymore.

Sometimes they even claim to have unmasked someone through TOR when in fact the user just did something stupid and gave themselves away. My head is also ready to explode. I am not such a Tor geek. To securized a home network, is it not good enough to configure a home router to connect to a VPN? For your described setup you would be effectively hiding your Tor use from your ISP by filtering all traffic connected to that router through the VPN.

The VPN provider would however be able to see you are using Tor. Once you do that, your MAC address and home external IP is now logged and connected to something that can be linked to you. When that same mac address is found on Tor, a little old fashioned police work can link that back to you. Proper OpSec congruent to your threat model is far more important than whether or not you use or bit encryption on your vpn tunnel as some other posts seem concerned with.

Does it compromise privacy to have my computer set to send email and calendar reminders while I am connected through a vpn and using the tor browser for other things? Would be nice if someone released a black box u could plug into tat covers ur azz no matter wot u do online???

Ok aside from Tat, just a basic question! I dun wanna buy stuff but curious to look. I just wanna know how to protect myself from being attackef whilst browsing!!

All modern routers have VPN settings in their admin panel! And it is easy to set up. So, a lot of content to take in on this page, i figured id just ask. What are the possible ramifications otherwise? Id like to know.

Peace and love, strangers. This way will save you from DNS leaks! You can buy it at localbitcoins. Then you should mix your bitcoins at mixing service such as btcshade. If I wanna hide myself from the internet, i can do it without tor or vpn.

Its available anywhere just search for it. If you really want to be anonymous, opt out from isp, stop using social medias. Purchase a separate device that will only be used for tor. Could someone please assist how it is possible to run a specific vpn server as an exit node while having tor over vpn configured?

Not only will it not be traceable to you through the network but you can also put the VPN to work protecting you from malicious coffee shop data thieves. If all of your data is pretty much put into a nice cute little organized pile just waiting for someone like the government to read through, well lets just say that makes things a lot easier for them and a lot harder for you.

So what would be a good way to use features like google maps for directions while maintaining privacy? My VPN allows me to connect to many different servers.

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