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Do NOT use the verbiage "decline" this is not a true decline. To ensure that the post goes from the browser directly to PayPal and not back to your website, you should add scripting. In addition, be sure to do the following:. Make sure that you explain this to your customers. By default, there is no verbosity set which means the standard set of values that Silent Post currently uses is returned. M Record information merchant soft descriptor information is also supported for the PayPal processor. For more information on the Payflow parameters that are used to pass information to the Gateway hosted checkout pages, see Using a Secure Token to Pass Hosted Pages Customization Parameters.

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Payflow Gateway Developer Guide and Reference

To initiate a pre-consented payment from a mobile device, see future payments. Indicates that you are a PayPal partner. To receive revenue attribution, specify a unique build notation BN code. BN codes provide tracking on all transactions that originate or are associated with a particular partner. Not all APIs support this header.

Use these links to request more information about and construct an API flow that is relative to a specific request. For all errors except Identity errors, PayPal returns an error response body that includes additional error details in this format. To prevent validation errors, ensure that parameters are of the right type and conform to these constraints:.

See authentication and authorization. The rel element contains the link relationship type, or how the href link relates to the previous call. For a complete list of the link relationship types, see Link Relationship Types. The method element contains an HTTP method. If present, use this method to make a request to the target URL.

If absent, the default method is GET. PayPal generates a set of OAuth 2. To get an access token, you pass your OAuth credentials in a get access token call.

To make this call, you can use either cURL on the command line or the Postman app. Re-use the access token until it expires. See our rate limiting guidelines. When it expires, you can get a new token. Download the latest version of Postman for your environment, and open Postman. On the Authorization tab, select the Basic Auth type and enter this information:. On the Body tab, select x-www-form-urlencoded and enter this information:. This sample call creates a PayPal account payment and uses only the required input parameters.

The access token in the call is an OAuth bearer token. Payments API calls are always made by an actor , such as email, on behalf of a subject , or the payer. The actor specifies a bearer token in the Authorization: A bearer token is an access token that is issued to the actor by an authorization server with the approval of the resource owner, or payer. In this case, the actor uses the bearer token to make a payments request on behalf of the subject.

Requests data from a resource. Submits data to a resource to process. Partially updates a resource. The resource to query, submit data to, update, or delete. Controls which data appears in the response. Use to filter, limit the size of, and sort the data in an API response. The end date and time for the range to show in the response, in Internet date and time format.

The zero-relative start index of the entire list of items that are returned in the response. Sorts the payments in the response by a specified value, such as the create time or update time.

The ID of the starting resource in the response. The start index of the payments to list. For example, to start at the second item in a list of results, specify?

The start date and time for the range to show in the response, in Internet date and time format. Required for operations with a response body. Specifies the response format. Required to get an access token or make API calls. Required for operations with a request body. Specifies the request format. To use this header, you must get consent to act on behalf of a merchant. Supports both secure and unsecured JWT. Use "" for the unsigned case. Resulting unsecured JWT after Base64 and simple concatenation: Contains a unique user-generated ID that you can use to enforce idempotency.

If you omit this header, the risk of duplicate transactions increases. A POST method successfully created a resource.

If the resource was already created by a previous execution of the same method, for example, the server returns the HTTP OK status code. The server successfully executed the method but returns no response body. Request is not well-formed, syntactically incorrect, or violates schema.

The server could not understand the request. Indicates one of these conditions: The API cannot convert the payload data to the underlying data type. The data is not in the expected data format. Under Bank accounts , click the button that says "Link a bank.

Choose the type of bank account checking or savings and type in your bank's routing number and your account number, and click Agree and Link. PayPal will send two small deposits to your account. Check your bank account and write down the amount of these deposits. Return to PayPal's website, go the Wallet tab, and find the bank account you just linked.

Click Confirm to confirm that account. You will be asked to enter the deposit info to confirm your account. You may also be able to confirm your account instantly by using PayPal's site to log into your bank's website using your bank's login information. If you don't have a bank account, or you'd prefer not to link your bank account to PayPal, you can also verify your account via credit card.

To do this, open your PayPal account and click the Wallet tab. Under Credit and debit cards , click the button that says "Link a card. PayPal will make two small charges to your card. Check your card statement and find the code next to each charge, go back to PayPal's site, and find the card you just linked. Click Confirm to confirm that card by entering in the codes from the charges. PayPal will reimburse you for the charges it made to your card, and your account will be verified.

There are three types of PayPal accounts: Personal, Premier, and Business. Initially, you'll have a Personal account, but you can upgrade to a Premier account or a Business account for free. Premier and Business accounts offer more functionality for example, Premier and Business accounts allow you to accept credit and debit card payments, while a Personal account does not , but do not cost more or have any additional fees.

If this sounds confusing, that's because it is -- previously, Premier and Business accounts had different fee structures than Personal accounts, but now all the fees are the same. To upgrade to a Premier account, log in to your PayPal account and click the Settings button looks like a cog in the upper right corner of your screen.

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