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On the heels of the highly successful Sidelaunch Days Festival, the inaugural Century of Classics Festival saw the downtown heritage district streets transformed into one massive show of classic and vintage cars, motorcycles and boats.

Downtown Collingwood Local Live Lunch spectators were treated to another outstanding performance on Wednesday August 15th. On this day a group of CCI students hit the stage to perform. But they nailed them! I have been appointed to conduct this Inquiry.

A Community Meeting was held on Monday, August 13, , from 6: The purpose of the Community Meeting was to introduce the Inquiry team and provide an introduction for interested members of the community to the anticipated work and process of the Inquiry. Morrocco, Justice of the Town of Collingwood Judicial Inquiry told the audience that his committee has received thousands of documents to review pertaining to the inquiry.

Judge Morrocco said that it is his responsibility to become familiar with all of the documentation submitted, adding that once the inquiry is complete, he will submit a written report to the Town of Collingwood that will be made public.

The floor was open to anyone wishing to speak. The Judicial Inquiry website is updated as required and provides information on all aspects of the process. Morrocco, Justice of the Town of Collingwood Judicial Inquiry, listened to remarks from members of the audience.

Chadwick said that the current council has had three years to request an inquiry into decisions made by the previous council. He questioned why the inquiry was called for only a few weeks before nominations opened for the upcoming municipal election saying that the decision to do so was clearly politically motivated. And I also trust you will compare the open processes of last term with the closed-door decisions of this term to see which one served the community best.

Dunbar said the Town would not be considered for government funding again so alternate ways had to be explored to raise money to build recreation facilities. Hearings on the Standing to Participate took place on Tuesday August 14th and were open to the public.

The hearings concluded shortly before noon. The Judicial Inquiry Community Meeting was well attended in third floor meeting rooms at the public library. Footage courtesy of Herbert Hall. The opportunity to purchase the score clock, owned by the Barrie Colts hockey club, allowed the Collingwood arena to upgrade at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Ribfest attracted large crowds, hungry for music, good food, and because of the sweltering heat, cold beer. People were not disappointed as Ribfest chefs cooked up a variety of favourite festival foods including corn dogs, roasted corn, poutine, sausages and funnel cakes.

The family friendly event featured a Kids Zone with jumping castles, face painting, rock wall climbing and a pro wrestling event. A frequent visitor to Collingwood, the tall ship often uses our harbour as a destination to welcome a new crew aboard. Pathfinder and Playfair were launched in and respectively, TS Playfair being christened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and remains the only Canadian ship to be commissioned by a reigning monarch.

The vessel carries a complement of 28 people, 18 new sailors, called trainees, 4 petty officers, 6 Wardroom officers and the Captain. The Trainees are divided into 3 watches and a Petty Officer assigned to each watch. Street Pianos have returned to Collingwood Downtown and they have immediately become a huge summertime attraction.

The Town issued a request for offers for the purchase or lease of the Collingwood Regional Airport in May of this year, with three bids submitted.

The highest ranked proponent was Winterland Developments Ltd. The proposed closing date for the sale is September 25, Officers from the Collingwood and The Blue Mountains detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police are raising awareness to the fact that purple heroin has now made its way to Collingwood. This purple heroin was discovered in other communities in southern Ontario in the past and was found to contain heroin, morphine, fentanyl and carfentanil.

The OPP report that Ingesting as little as a grain of salt or two milligrams of powdered carfentanil, which is a synthetic opioid, is ten thousand times more powerful than morphine and can be fatal.

The opp say people must recognize that carfentanil is being mixed into illicit street drugs and, in most cases, the user is not even aware. Members of the public who choose to purchase illegal street drugs and participate in a high risk lifestyle must recognize that doing so carries the risk of a deadly opioid being mixed in with the primary drug. Simply stated, the next time you choose to use, could be your last. The Collingwood Elvis Festival once again attracted Elvis Tribute artists from around the world.

She said "Shit, I'm on the wrong bus! There was this guy who just got a new job as a school bus driver for elementary school children. He thought it would be nice to paint the school bus with characters from Sesame Street. At his first stop, there was this very overweight little girl. He opened the door and said, " Hi, I'm the new bus driver. What is your name? Waiting at the next stop was another overweight little girl.

He said, "Hi, I'm the new bus driver. At the next stop, there was a grown woman and a little boy. The bus driver said, "Hi, I'm the new bus driver. The woman piped up and said, "His name is Ross and he is my son. The bus driver replied, "No problem. He can have this seat right behind me and I can watch him carefully in the mirror.

At the next stop, there was this little country boy standing there. The little boy was wearing tattered overalls and had no shoes or socks on his feet. The poor little boy had problems walking because of bunions all over his feet. The little boy replied, "My name is Lester Cleese. Later that night, at home, his wife asked him how his first day on the new job was. Home Art Math Business.

New Policy in Heaven. Ladies at a Busstop. The Birth of Woman. The Moral of the Story. Old Lady Who Makes Bets. If you look way back thru the history of it, it has been used thousands of years in eastern medicine for pregnancy, the real natto food that is. I was still nervous about taking too much so I cut out the natto and stayed on the Lovenox. I ended up on a triple dose of Lovenox as a result. Hello, I am quite nervous after finding your past writings.

I had 2 miscarriages last year, one about 6 weeks and one 9 weeks after the heart had developed and we had seen the baby, however the heart was never strong. I then went to my wellness dr and had a ton of blood work done.

I am currently taking mg progesterone, raw prenatal vitamins contain. I am a 29 years-old that has suffered 2 early miscarriages after seeing healthy heart beat. I live in Spain and I am currently pregnant, I am taking Femibion 2 with Metafolin and low-molecular-weight heparin. Could you advice me what prenatal multivitamin or just what metafolin supplement could i buy in Australia?

My daughter was extremely happy to find she was pregnant a year or so ago. Sadly she miscarried in about the 8th week. She became pregnant again, was even more excited and then MC even sooner at about one month. To say the lest she and her husband were disappointed. She found a new doctor who gave her a battery of tests. The culprit was soon discovered. We found this to be a curious mixture of good and bad news, unhappy to learn the facts of our flawed genetics but armed with the knowledge that it could be treated.

As treatment her fertility Doctor insists on her taking supplements of Folic Acid. This flys in the face of everything I have been reading on this site and others. I was under the impression that the condition blocks the conversion of folic acid to other chemicals and in fact can produce unhealthy chemical by products I should mention my daughter survived Melanoma at age I encouraged my daughter to talk with her MD about the idea of Methyl Folate as a supplement instead of folic acid.

The problem is he flatly refuses. He even went on to make an analogy that since her conversion of folic acid is reduced then he must increase the volume much like dumping a larger amount of sand so that more of it will get squeezed through a small bottle opening.

In conclusion I am uncertain. Websites such as this are calling for MethyFolates while the trained MD is not accepting that idea. Any response would be greatly appreciated as with the struggles my daughter has had a healthy baby would be a blessing for her and her husband.

I have Hashimotos and only take iodine with my prenatal supplement. I see that your recommended prenatal uses Potassium iodide…is this superior over kelp? This is my 6th pregnancy 1 baby born at With my first daughter, I was with contractions since weeks more or less going and returning. But at 31 weeks I started to have contractions every 3 minutes so I got hospitalized and at Se born with bronchitis and other stuffs.

Now she is perfect. With the second one, I started with contractions since weeks too. At 28th week the contractions started stronger until 34th week that the doctor took me out of medication Ventolin and she born at 36 weeks super healthy. And now the Orciprenaline metaproterenol to stop contractions and ciproxine as an antibiotic. Do you think this could be because of my AC mutation? Also I have Bradycardia with secondary syncope. Can I do something to prevent a pre term pregnancy this time? Did they ever find out exactly what infection the baby had?

I wonder as I possibly had some infection at 24 weeks pregnant that affected my son and created some umbilical blood flow restriction for about 3 weeks before it resolved itself. My son is 6yrs old now ,non verbal and with delays and I am still trying to figure out this puzzle. I am soooooo curious on what you have to say on treating morning sickness?

You mention in the above podcast that you need to do a separate one on that topic. Have you done one?

I am homozygous t. I was previously taking Pure UltraNutrients, but I switched to your seeking health optimal prenatal. Should I supplement with B12 in addition to your seeking health prenatal?

I am compound hetero and having trouble taking both the powder prenatal and the methylated b12 sublingual tablet. I tested positive for CT single mutation and AC was negative. I was also diagnosed with low progesterone and poor ovarian reserve. My OB recommended I take Foltx and a baby aspirin every day. After much research, I realized that this was true.

I have severe endometriosis and had numerous miscarriages. There is a good chance that I am pregnant right now, so I want to make sure I am taking the correct pre-natal and that my diet is correct. Would this be a good fit for me? If not, what would be? Do you recommend I see a Hematologist? I do, however, respond more often now at http: I still do respond here — just not as much as I used to due to time limitations. Can you recommend a good prenatal multivitamin, given recently found out I am compound heterozygous and also have high copper: This would be for TTC and during pregnancy.

Do you also recommend continuing a prenatal multivitamin for the post natal period too? I posted back on July 19th but had few more things I wanted to add. Before finding out that I was compound heterozygous, I had two very healthy and uneventful pregnancies and both children were born extremely healthy.

Pregnancies 3, 4 and 5 all resulted in miscarriage. Pregnancy three was lost at 12 weeks while 4 and 5 were lost around 5. Could this be true? Should I start baby aspirin at this point? We decided to test due to my past history first child with major neurological birth defects, and second pregnancy ending in miscarriage.

My physician has suggested that I go on baby aspirin until I get pregnant, as well as go ahead and start Enlyte for B vitamin supplementation. I have legitimately been diagnosed with Pernicious anemia 10 years ago high gastrin level, increased stomach acid pH on EGD. I have been taking cyanocobalamin injections every 2 weeks for the last few years due to monthly injections not keeping my levels up.

I have found an active form methylcobalamin injection , but it says it is not safe during pregnancy. I know that I need additional B12 supplementation, as it will not absorb in my GI tract.

So, my question is this: Should I try a sublingual form of methylcobalamin in place of my monthly injections? I am trying to conceive.

I have just recently tested positive for AC and CT. My history with fetal losses has been 4 miscarriages, 1 tubal, 1 healthy child, 1 tubal, then another 2 miscarriages. All at 5 weeks or less. This was all from age 28 to 31 I am 36 and we have been trying for the last 2 yrs to have another child without even a positive.

She told me to go down to our health store and so this is what I am taking. TMG mg, 1 tab daily. Curcumin Phytosome mg, 2 caps daily. B-Complex 50, 1 tab daily. However, this is what the owner said I should be taking. Should I be taking more? I also have a history of depression, which I take anti-depressants for and also severe migraines.

Thank you for any advice you can give. Also thank you for this website! Turmeric and its extract curcumin are anti-inflammatory and CoQ10 assists with mitochondrial processes. These are good, but there are foundational supplements that are critical for people with MTHFR that are probably even more important for you.

People with MTHFR mutations cannot convert folic acid and cyanocobalamin to the active forms of folate and methylcobalamin, and those inferior forms of folic acid and cyanocobalamin are probably what is in your B-Complex If so, ditch the B-Complex 50, because folic acid and cyanocobalamin competetively inhibit the active forms of those vitamins that you require.

I would follow the specific supplement recommendations he gives in this article. You also need to have a healthy lifestyle and attitudes. Thank you sooo much Lynn!!! Your right, checked the B complex, ditched it. I ditched my regular multi-vitamin because it had folic acid. You should take additional methylcobalamin in either sublingual, IM injection, subcutaneous injection, or in the topical oil form as found at B12oils.

My daughter is now 1 year old. I had no trouble conceiving what so ever thank goodness and I had a wonderful uneventful very healthy pregnancy and un-medicated natural child birth.

After she was born all the issues started. After much research I started taking mcg of Selenium, mcg of Iodine, a hebal thyroid support supplement, 4, IU of D3 drops, wide spectrum probiotic. I started seeing a holistic Dr. I am very active. The test came back homozygous for Ct which has led me to this site.

So I have a few questions. Methylfolate mcg because I would like to conceive again -PyhtoMulti: Bovine thyroid processed to remove thyroxine Vitamin-D3 drops IU. Iodine mcg, kelp 85mg, dried Alfalfa mg -Selenium mcg. I recently had 2 miscarriages blighted ovum and at 6 weeks in the past 5 months. I do have a healthy 2 yr old girl after I had an early miscarriage back in I was taking new chapter organics prenatal, but got my script filled.

Should I reconsider taking folbic and take something else? You do not want Folbic. You need a quality prenatal and follow additional recommendations in this article. Is the dosage in folbic too high? Or is that I cannot metabolize it therefore it could be either useless or toxic?

In april I found out for the first time I tested positive for 2 copies of AC mutation. Homozygous for Ac mutation and negative normal for CT. I have a healthy 6 year old, my internist said it was a miracle. I had a miscarriage in — blighted ovum, and have been sexually active since then. What supplements should I be taking? I also occasionally take a samE supplement. I also take a liquid multi that does not contain folic acid.

Ben, I recently purchased the prenatal vitamins but when do I take the pills if I also take a thyroid pill hypo. How many hours apart. Hi, Can anyone tell me if overmethylation is dangerous during pregnancy? I had six miscarriages before having my amazing boy.

I would like to give him a sibling and feel I need to increase the amount of methylfolate I was taking. My amazing little man was born with a sacral dimple benign, but related to spina bifida and tongue tie — he is fine, better than fine, he is sensational — does not sleep well at all, but sensational!

My issue is, I have increased my intake of methylfolate while still taking b12 and other recommended suppliments and I am feeling the effects of overmethylation along with being tired due to my little man not sleeping well. I am older in age, so I can not wait to start trying again, I am already on borrowed time due to my miscarriages.

I know I have a comt, plus other genes not great for using folate and oestrogen… so I am asking if the overmethylation causes probs? Sorry for any errors in writing this, my little man keeps hitting the keypad. I see this list showing Prenatals that are iron-free but I click on the link and the supplements have iron. Using only methylfolate in a prenatal is not recommended. Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder has 3 mg of naturally occurring iron from pea protein.

It is not heme iron which is found in meat products. Talk with your doctor but this low amount should be not a problem — especially as non-heme iron: Optimal Prenatal capsules also have no iron: The Chewable has a little — you are correct. I will need to remove that as a recommendation. My husband and I are trying to conceive after several miscarriages.

I am hetero for c and my doc who has been to your training has me on a compounded supplement of the following: My question is, is this formulation fine to take once pregnant? I would switch to a prenatal once the pregnancy is confirmed, but for the few weeks that I would be pregnant and not know it yet, is this acceptable?

I do wholly recommend the Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder as it is extremely comprehensive — and easy to use — and tastes great as well. Disclosure — my company. Both you and your husband should use this. Thank you for the quick and informative response! I am going to order the prenatal powder. I feel great on the 7. I believe the magnesium is 40mg. I am not sure why so low. I have been on this formulation for many months and my husband has also been on supplements based on his blood work, needs, etc.

I planned to take a prenatal as well as my above formula, however, I was afraid of getting too much of the Bs. Can I take the prenatal powder along with my current regimen? Once pregnant, is the above formulation too high to continue?

Thank you for help, Dr. She has not tried to get pregnant in over a year, cleansed her body, gluten free dairy free. She has been taking the supplements of Metformin mg, Metanx, Vitamin neevo prenatal,vitamin B6 B12 in all active form, and an aspirin before being pregnant.

Doctor put her on lovenox 1 time a day this pregnacy. My brother in law is heterozygous for 1 copy of ct, 1 copy Ac and Hetero for G in the prothrombin factor, 2 gene at elevated risk for venous thrombosis, positive for 2 copies of 4g variant and is homozygous 1.

This is what we have from doctors results. Thank you in advance. I am Homozygous for CT and found this out 6 months ago after trying for a baby for 5 yrs with no pregnancy. I stopped taking folic acid immediately once I found out and take now: My supplements give me a total of mcg of folate a day however given I am homozygous is that enough? From previous blogs I read to also take mcg Folinic Acid which I will order but shall I take that instead of the additional 1mcg of Metafolin and just stick with the mcg of Folate in the HomocysteX??

The article seems to be a general article for anyone pregnant but does not give suggestions for Homozygous people specifically like your Basic Protocol. Or am I supposed to combine your Basic Protocol and the Prenatal suggestions?

Your Optimal Prenatal Vanilla mix which I also ordered only contains mcg of folate and folinic acid. It seems like every time I try to take your prenatal, whether I gradually work up to the dose or not, I get headaches for several days at some point and then eventually am also throwing up all night. Do you have other recommendations for meeting my folate needs for a healthy pregnancy with this mutation? Are some people just unable to tolerate folate or b12 in certain forms?

Would love help — I have been trying to work this out for nearly a year now before trying to conceive in order to try to avoid having miscarriages again. Sorry to hear that. Also read this article: Thanks for getting back to me.

I have only tried the powder. Do you think the capsules would be any different? The folate that I tolerated well before was in capsule form.

I have been on probiotics and am finishing a candida diet. Cut out wheat and dairy is limited. What other digestive support is there? Thanks for the article link. I passed it on to my ND. At some earlier point she did have concerns about glutathione with my sulfur pathway that she is trying to clear.

Do you know if your preventive measures are breastfeeding and pregnancy friendly? I am so confused! I just ordered the optimal prenatal pills, what else should I be taking? Is it not possible to get enough natural folate eating liver weekly and leafy greens daily? I am worried if I take the prenatal I will be overdosing on things like Vitamin A perhaps, since I eat liver each week and take cod liver oil. It can be possible to get enough folate from liver and leafy greens — definitely.

Vitamin A can be deficient in many pregnant women — and it is. Thanks Dr Lynch for your reply. I will try get those levels checked privately. My GP only tested serum folate and it is very elevated. Any idea why this could be? With my 4th pregnancy I started taking methylfolate later on but did end with miscarriage despite 3 normal previous births. This year I have developed anxiety type symptoms and am trying to figure out what is going wrong so I can have another healthy baby.

Any tips what else to test for? Thanks for your great informative website. Hi Dr Lynch, Just wondering how much natural food form folate would you recommend would generally be enough to eat. I have yet to test myself I just tend to feel that no matter how good a supplement is, the body deals with food sources much better and I would prefer to get as much nutrition from food before opting for supplements.

And probably more risk of over doing it with supplements than there is with over eating food folate? I would appreciate your thoughts on how to get enough food form folate. My name is Tsvety, I am 32, from Bulgaria. I hope I will find the answers of my questions here. Now will be my third trial…. Recently I have understood that people like us are absolutely forbidden to take normal forms of these B-vits: Now I am searching for answers and fighting by myself.

I am not sure about Swanson products. How am I supposed to understand is this product reflecting positive on me, or negative? I wanted to ask you in addition one more question. Is it ok for us to take the normal form of B complex, not active???

Something else is a therapy with fraxiparine injections while being pregnant. But I stil cannot understand in which cases this therapy is needed? Me presonally, nobody prescribed fraxiparine …. It says it is folate from organic lemon. Does this get absorbed as easy as the L5MTH? What do you think? I am not sure — I demand understanding exactly which form of folate is used in the supplement and I believe all consumers should be educated to do the same.

This is why I clearly label all of my formulations which precise ingredient type. This way you know you are getting two active forms of folate — and exactly which ones. These are the two that I use in Optimal Prenatal — as mentioned in the article above. I would not take NAC or glutathione while pregnant. You do not want to actively detox while pregnant. Lynch- Is it ok to take your vitamin E during first trimester?

Is there truth to this? If not, how many of the Vitamin E should I be taking and when should I start? I have had 7 implantation failures with c, leiden factor v and endometriosis while taking Lovenox and NeevoDHA. I have been working on healing leaky gut with GAPS protocol for last six months and implementing your protocols. But, I can only tolerate up to mcgs of LMethyltetrahydrofolate and hydroxocobalamin.

Any more methylfolate and methyl B and I get terrible joint pain, depression, etc. I am taking your B-minus supplement and will start on calcium d gluconate to be able then to take glutathione, as per your article.

Also, I can take folinic acid with no side effects. I just found out in May after my last loss that I have heterozygous ct and the doctor said that had nothing to do with my many losses. I do know that whenever I get pregnant, all my numbers: Wth is going on?

Is just heparin not enough? Just moved to another state cause I have NO trust in the other state I was living in. Please, please give me some insite. I am homozygous CT and plan to get pregnant soon. I want to make sure I have this clear: Can you please explain?

Pregnancy requires a lot of nutrition and methylation — and reduction in either can increase histamine. Read this about histamine: Hello, D-r Ben, I am 26, with diagnosed endometriosis and one missed abortion in the 10th gestational week. My homocysteine levels are normal. I want to have a successful pregnancy so much! Please, give me your advice! After the missed abortion, I have been taking l-methylfolate for already 9 months.

Do I have to immediately consult a doctor?!? I am taking now birth control pills to control ovarian cysts, but I have never had such a reaction to them, so I suppose reaction is to b Do you think I should switch to only adenosylcobalamin or only hydroxocobalamin during pregnancy?

What dosage do you recommend during pregnancy, having in mind my headaches? Thank you so much in advance! I am glad that you exist! I had miscarriage 6 moths ago and got tested for gene mutations. I am already taking mcg metafolin and mcg of methyilcobalamin. I am also taking mg of omega 3 premium fish oil and probiotics l-bifidus. I have kidney stones and often acid reflux with heartburn wich are mainly treated with antacids.

I have a feeling that i am taking too many pills and that they dont work well all together. Hi Dr Ben, firstly thank you. Just wanted to ask re: Would you still recommend the same, being: I do not recommend fermented cod liver oil — high histamine.

Hi Dr Ben, Thanks for everything you do! OR you can the whole scoop in the AM if you feel better that way. Optimal Vitamin D — 21 drops once a week should be good to go. Or you can do 3 drops a day — anytime with or without food. I would return the Optimal Vitamin E as it is already in the Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder- unless you have clotting issues — then you may need more but typically what is in the prenatal protein powder is enough.

Keep in mind that your partner should also be supporting his nutrition. Hydroxocobalamin is useful for those who have excessive nitric oxide — this is complex to identify. It has to be methylated to methylcobalamin — so those who have too many methyl groups floating around, it could help with that — but it also helps with hydrogen sulfide excess and nitric oxide excess. The list for detailed supplementation is above. Thank you d-r Ben!

Please read this article — and you likely need to do these steps first: Thank you D-r Ben, I am trying to follow these steps. After I added l-gluthatione I received again a slight headache but it is bearable. My potassium levels are normal 4. I am taking now little quantity of b 12 of Seeking health and l-methylfolate. Hi all in Australia. I have placed two orders with them, their delivery time was good and Aus dollar conversion pricing very comparable.

I was very happy with them. Thought I would share as I want them to keep stocking Seeking Health! It only took about 7days to arrive and conversion is just based on exchange rate.. I just found that I have the ct heterozygous mutation after having a miscarriage. I also have hypothyroid mostly well regulated and hashimotos. I will going for an embryo transfer probably in next month to 6 weeks and would like your opinion on anything else I should add to optimize chances for a healthy full term pregnancy and healthy baby.

Thank you for all the important work and information you are putting out there, this is quite overwhelming, and finding your website has been terrific.

My question is- if my twins also have these mutations, how would we treat them? They are almost 6 months old. My b12 came back at …. I am just wondering with a high b12 if I should follow the recommendations for Prenatal Supplementation? Had to take neevo dha and an asprin a day during my 2nd pregnancy.

I have just found out I am pregnant again and want something more wholesome such as your products. Which products do you recommend I take? At the very least, I recommend: To support your understanding of what goes on with pregnancy and how to optimize methylation during this amazing time, I passionately recommend the Prenatal Conference course.

I have had 4 healthy children and after I had 5 miscarriages all normal chromosomes. Please let me know what I can do to better my pregnancy. I highly recommend you and your physicians watch this pregnancy conference recording: NeevoDHA is not the most complete prenatal in my opinion. Do consider a more complete one — there are some recommendations above —. Hi Dr Lynch I have been diagnosed with compound hetero after 2 miscarriages. I have been taking 1 lozenge before breakfast and lunch. Do you suggest a baby aspirin daily?

I am also taking vit d3 iu. What other nutrients should I be taking? Thank you so much for your time. Since it is too hard too order Seeking health in my country, I am trying to find some substitutes and relevant supplements. Please share your opinion on this product, which I can find in our pharmacy shops in Europe — http: I bought also Melatonin, Prim rose oil, Q 10 and Alpha-lipoic acid.

This is the whole content,:. Swallow each with a cold drink and take with a main meal. Not to be chewed. Do not exceed recommended intake. Lynch- Is it safe to begin methylcobalamin and methylfolate while breastfeeding? Ben My daughter is pregnant again.

Her last 2-pregnancies she was terribly sick all day and all night. Is this a gene mutation? Is there something she can take that may help her with her full-time sickness?

I had three laparoscopies because of endometriosis and one miscarriange. Please, tell me, is it safe for the baby if I take B vitamins complex during pregnancy and can I overdose with B vitamins during pregnancy? Do you think that I need to supplement with b 12 during pregnancy, although my b 12 blood levels are normal?

Can I take hydroxocobalamin during pregnancy, will I absorb it in this form with my mutations and is it safe for the baby? Can I absorb vitamin B 6 in the form of pyridoxine hidrochloride and is it harmful for me or the baby in this form? I would not be concerned about taking B vitamins in addition to the ones listed above — they are plenty adequate.

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