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Small Business - Chron. It can realize Internet filter and web filter, no matter basing on the content or the site itself. If you consider the potential performance hit and excessive load on server resources associated with the perpetual processing of such a monstrous list, it may inspire you to seek a healthier, perhaps more effective alternative.. If the application is blocked, enter the administrator password to allow the installation of the program. Accessed 19 September With the fast developing information technology, Internet is very open, all the news and information spread fast and widely, no matter good or bad.

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How to Block Anonymous Proxy Servers at Your Firewall

You can purchase and download the software from Internet. Using proxy software will save you money and time. You may have to provide the software the URL address of the proxy server. The software will also likely have a feature in which you configure it to update the proxy list every week. Analyze the IP address. Use the software to help you to learn where the IP address is located.

You will be able to find out if the IP address is coming from a residential or business computer. Verify if the address is a static IP address. A static IP address is a number that the Internet service provider permanently assigns a computer so that it can communicate with other computers via the Internet. CIDR, which stands for Classless Inter-Domain Routing, is a method to assign and identify the Internet addresses that are applied in inter-domain routing.

This method is more flexible than the initial system of IP address classes. CIDRs can vary in size. Some can consist of thousands IP addresses, while others can be as small as four to eight IP addresses. Let the software detect if the IP address is bad.

Block the proxy server from visiting your website. Block proxy servers by HTTP protocols. This method is effective. Insert the following code: Blacklisting proxy servers by blocking individual domains seems like a futile exercise. Although there are a good number of reliable, consistent proxy domains that could be blocked directly, the vast majority of such sites are constantly changing.

It would take a team of professionals working around the clock just to keep up with them all. The question is, even if you could use htaccess to block over 9, domains, would you really want to? If you consider the potential performance hit and excessive load on server resources associated with the perpetual processing of such a monstrous list, it may inspire you to seek a healthier, perhaps more effective alternative.. Rather than attempt to block proxy servers by who they are i.

By simply blacklisting the various HTTP protocols employed by proxy servers, it is possible to block virtually all proxy connections. Hello was reading your page about the htaccess file to block proxy servers from surfing my site, very interesting, but my host said that since I use FrontPage editor it might block me from editing my site, is there a way to avoid this?

Thank you in advance. Is this already effective? I tried to read this arcticle via web-proxy without problem! D I thought this limitation was already implemented here for web-proxy…. No, I do not block proxy servers from Perishable Press. There are a number of readers who for whatever reason visit this site via proxy.

It is important to me to facilitate site access for this select group of individuals, even at the expense of malicious spam and other attacks. Maybe someday I will change this policy, but for now, it is my hope that the code provided in this article will prove useful to other site owners and webmasters. Good advice I must say. I do have one question though.. I am unfamiliar with FrontPage protocols, however you could always try uploading the code and checking for access.

Then, if FrontPage is blocked, try removing one line at a time until access is achieved. If successful, this method of removing a line or two will reduce the overall effectiveness of the htaccess blocking rules to some degree, but should still provide a significant amount of protection. Finally, if that fails, try removing different lines one at a time and checking the results.

Further, I am also considering adding three more common proxy protocols to the list as well, which, when added to the XROXY case, would give the following four additions:.

I am thinking that these additional directives will help improve the overall effectiveness of this proxy-blocking technique. I am not going to edit the article just yet, however, as I am hoping that someone with some deeper knowledge of the subject will chime in with some definite information on the topic.

I apologize for any confusion in the matter.

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