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How To Hide Android App Purchases In Play Store
See quote from google docu: Does nothing by itself. For apps downloaded from App Store, a widget shortcut is created for each app you download. It will appear in Play Store when it next syncs its data with Google servers. You have some control over the apps that turn up, by filtering them:. Fine-grained cookie management for Dolphin browser.

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But that is your choice. Apps that are paid or for which in-app purchases have been made will likely not work correctly if "hidden" using this app. If you do "hide" such an app anyway, re-install of the app will likely be required. This app is currently able to identify those apps for which in-app purchases have been made and to will not offer those apps to be selected for being "hidden" by default.

You can override this behavior. At this time, there is no clear mechanism to distinguish paid apps from free apps. So this protection for paid apps is not currently offered. Later releases may add this in the future. They will be added to the list but not immediately "hidden". This is by-design as an effort to protect against mistakenly choosing to "hide" an app.

Apps shown in the list will be "hidden" only when this app's function is next executed via the "Run Now" button or at the next reboot if "Run at Boot" is enabled. To remove an app from the list, just long-press its entry in the list and it will be removed.

It will appear in Play Store when it next syncs its data with Google servers. This reliably occurs when you reboot your device.

Uninstalling an app currently to be "hidden" will remove it from the list. Try Google Play with Chrome. Updated to deal with changes in newer versions of the Play Store app that can cause incompatibility errors. Please use the send log mechanism on the menu in case of problems.

It's a stupid semi-solution, but how about setting huge price, and then adding clients as test accounts? Downvotes are a little harsh I think. Whilst it may be slightly off topic it is not an unreasonable question. At present it is not possible but I agree it would be a useful feature.

I have needed this myself. Thanks all for reply. I want to publish because the update system is very comfortable for clients and me. Someone will buy it thinking he is buying the license.

Google Play now allows you a new way to distribute internal applications Google Play Private Channel: Right, but you can only publish to Google Apps users which are part of the same domain - hence not for customers See quote from google docu: However it's done, you should think how to make the license expire at some point. I don't mind them listed in the Games category, but I can't stand to have them in the Apps category. Any way to do this?

The playstore app will not show any games if you open it with this link: I very much doubt anything can be done about that in the playstore app. But you can switch to a different front-end at least for your "store browsing" experience see e. A good choice should e. Less clutter, more features. Screenshots of the AppBrain Market app click images for larger variants.

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