All the truth about Double VPN, Triple VPN and Quad VPN

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Double NAT/Twice NAT VPN Setup
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What is the origin of Double VPN, Triple and Quad?

What is a Double VPN?

This error in OpenSSL code has existed since And we cannot exactly say whether it appeared accidentally or not. Therefore, such traffic decryption on each server is a great danger to users.

Despite all the benefits of technology serial VPN server cascading, we can draw attention to the disadvantages of using this technology.

The main disadvantage is a transcript of traffic on each VPN server. We have already noted this dangerous step in terms of your anonymity. Another disadvantage of this technology is a sizeable speed drop when using chains VPN servers. This is due to the traffic encryption and geographical distance between servers.

We should test the same exit points the same server. All results are indicative, because if you perform a few tests in a row, the data may be very different. First, the speed of a standard VPN connection has been checked. In this case, the traffic goes to the server in the Netherlands, then — to speedtest. The traffic goes from your computer to a server in Germany, and then to a server in the Netherlands. Thereafter, the traffic goes to Speedtest website, located in the US.

To display the data traffic returns to your computer in reverse order. We must bear in mind that in this case traffic goes on your geographic location to offshore VPN server in Panama, then to a server in the Netherlands and then comes to the Speedtest site which is located in the US. Then all the data returns from the site to your computer in reverse order.

Accordingly, the use of such a chain will not be comfortable. If this technology has disadvantages, then why should I use it? We have always told you about a comprehensive approach to security. And Double VPN can be one of the links in your anonymity online.

That is, the speed drop is greater than advantages of these technologies. We would like to tell you about the Parallel VPN technology, which has been becoming very popular. The essence of this technology is as follows: Unlike Double VPN, traffic is really encrypted twice at one time.. We have received your message, we will contact you very soon. Something went wrong please refresh the page and try again. We need your email address to contact you. Please enter a valid email address e.

Your message must be longer than 10 characters. Get yourself an external server with a static address, connect VPNs out from both sites and tie the tunnels together on the external server. As peterh suggested, OpenVPN might be a good choice. A static IP for at least one side is advised; however, DDNS will work for this, if both sides are assigned dynamic addresses and NAT Overloaded , while both routers have fqdn's assigned for dynamic tracking of peer:. If DDNS is not leveraged, one side will require to have a public static IP in order to provide a peer IP Address for the remote dynamic peer to initiate interesting traffic.

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Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. I need to have a site to site VPN between two sites. Here is the following topology for each site: Kevin Bowen 1 4 Moh'ed A-Nasir Dhagajuun 26 5.

No they do not, does this mean there is no way to have site to site over such topology?? Purchase static IP address. I would use OpenVPN for that. Did any answer help you?

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