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PSN Status: PlayStation Network down, leaving fans unable to connect to Destiny 2 servers
You can't post conmments that contain an email address. We are aware of reports of some PS4 Pro players encountering crashes and are working with our partners to investigate the issue. I can connect to the internet and download updates to my playstation games, I just can't sign into the playstation network on my PS4. Xbox Displayed Release Date: Previous 1 2 template Next.

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Still Can’t Connect to PSN? We May Have a Fix for You [Update]

Epic Games Public Status. Welcome to Epic Games Public's home for real-time and historical data on system performance. Also please refer to this thread for the official post from [Epic] Boomer. Emergency Maintenance - April 11 - Forums. We apologize for the ongoing service issues, and are working to stabilize our platform. We had a critical failure to one of the databases supporting our account. I have the same exact problem. Waiting in queue, then login failed Every person world wide has the same problem, what amazes me is how people cant do a simple google search before posting pointless posts on the forums.

Been like it all day, only change is that now I can't even get to the queue, just sits at the Patching Same can't login because PSN fail.

I thought I did this once without success, but I am going to try this again right now. This tells us that it is not an IP issue, if that were the case you would not have access at all. Do you know if the password has recently been changed? It is set to auto login correct? Don't know that is a playstation issue as my xbox had the same problem a few weeks ago when I tried to hard wire direct to modem.

Again, no success signing into playstation network. I can connect to the internet and download updates to my playstation games, I just can't sign into the playstation network on my PS4.

This might be the pathway to success because, at one point, it asked me to change certain settings on my account e. Attempts to sign back in have timed out and been unsuccessful. I am pretty sure this is not the problem, as I tried that when I made my original post. But, never say never. I signed out and got to the screen to re-enter my playstation network password and was still unsuccessful in signing into the network.

Even though it never asked to update my settings, when I signed into the playstation app on my phone and set everything to private no one and then signed out of playstation network on my phone app, I was able to easily sign into Playstation Network using a wireless connection on my PS4.

So this is fixed. Happily not a spectrum issue at all, as I thought at the beginning. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Welcome to the Community Forums: New to PS3 - Dec 25, at Gr8fulmate - Jan 27, at Thank you so much. You are a wonder human being. Lov - Mar 19, at I had same problem with mine I did a software update and it fixed it. Paul - Apr 25, at Venus - Sep 14, at My dad did this for me bc they r afraid I will do something.

Brax - Nov 4, at Temp - Nov 8, at Ka - Nov 22, at Geejay - Feb 5, at Alicia - Feb 6, at Al - Feb 6, at Mines not working as of tonight. Maybe this is a Sony problem? Boozy3 - Feb 6, at I couldn't sign in either. Used my ps4 and no problem.

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