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Afterwards, he was promptly transported back to his cell. Since then, Sunde has stopped trying to get his sentence truncated. Previously, he worked hard for permission to serve the last months at home, with electronic monitoring. He wrote letters demanding a response from the authorities. Most likely, he will be released in November. The reason I wanted to get out was to spend time with my father. But my father is dead now. Things took an abrupt turn in May , when Swedish police stormed into the hosting firm in southern Stockholm where The Pirate Bay servers were.

Wearing a baseball cap askew, he held up a piece of paper to the camera: The court of appeal later changed the amount to SEK 46m. Sunde was sentenced to eight months in prison. After the verdict, Neij moved to Laos. Warg settled in Cambodia, where he was later arrested. Sunde was the only one who remained in the spotlight. He spent a lot of time travelling, speaking at conferences in the US and Latin America.

He founded the company Flattr, which is developing a service for online micropayments. In the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations about online mass surveillance, he announced Heml. It had been years since he had anything to do with The Pirate Bay, Sunde claims. The identity of whoever manages the site today is a closely guarded secret. We last met him most recently in the autumn of Sunde had no fixed place of residence and no official income, he told us then.

All his assets were to be seized to pay back the damages he owed the film and music industry. In a way, he was already on the run from the police, but he was never very secretive about his whereabouts. Had he received a letter with demands to show up at prison?

Had the police tried to call him? He refused to call the police himself, asking for instructions. The police raid against The Pirate Bay lies eight years in the past.

Looking back, it is clear that Sunde and his co-founders pushed forward the public debate on copyright and freedom of information. Illegal filesharing, spearheaded by The Pirate Bay, arguably functioned as a catalyst for legal streaming services and fueled the birth of for several Pirate Parties in countries across the world. In the European parliament elections of summer , a few months after The Pirate Bay founders were sentenced to jail, the Swedish Pirate Party secured 7.

Many people who then took an active part in the debate on software piracy, some of them close friends of Sunde, are now renowned academics who have made names for themselves as proponents of copyright reform. But few ever translated their words into action to the same extent as Sunde, Neij and Svartholm Warg did.

Today, the debate has largely moved on. The spotlight is on a new generation of legal, commercial services. Netflix, Spotify and others have filled the void once inhabited by illegal filesharing services. The Swedish Pirate party managed a paltry 2. But filesharing has not gone away. After our interview, we visit thepiratebay. At that moment, 52 million users are sharing films, music and other software through torrents available on the site.

Back in the prison cell, Sunde is at his most energetic when we talk about how he has been messing with the prison system. His applications for parole is a favorite he returns to: The more applications were rejected, the more he kept submitting.

Eventually, he sent in 70 separate applications all at once. One for each day he would be willing to leave the prison meaning all the days he had left to serve. Using an old computer , he printed out 70 separate letters, identical except for the date requested, and mailed them to the authorities.

Not that he had any great faith that they would be approved. It was a show of defiance. He retains his energy when we ask him about his plans for life after jail. He talks about working with WikiLeaks, about continuing his work on the app Heml.

He has plans for a documentary television series, he tells us, in which he will travel around the world helping various activist groups. Disrupting whale hunters in Japan one week, helping fugitives make their way across heavily guarded borders the next.

In fact, he has wanted to put The Pirate Bay behind him for years. Does that mean he now regrets what he once did? Have the nights and days spent in prison so far made Sunde reconsider? The answer is no. This has been nothing more than five months of wasted time. It grows to become one of the largest file-sharing sites on the internet. This is a very sensitive issue in Sweden, where ministers are strictly forbidden to directly intervene in how government agencies, such as the police, handle specific cases.

Police raid the data center where The Pirate Bay is hosted. The servers are taken offline and Gottfrid Svartholm Warg and Fredrik Neij are taken in for questioning. Three days later, The Pirate Bay is back online. The police officer responsible for the investigation into the Pirate Bay accepts a new job with Warner Brothers, one of the claimants in the case.

The defendants appeal against the verdict. Other members of the same group are employed by the film and music industries. The defendants again appeal the verdict.

Warg is arrested in Cambodia on unrelated hacking charges and transported back to Sweden. Daniel Goldberg danielg0ldberg and Linus Larsson linuslarsson are writers based in Stockholm, Sweden. Internet Filesharing Piracy features. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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