PureVPN Review 2018 – Most Controversial VPN but is it Worth it?

Pricing and Features

Trust Pilot is one of the most popular Danish review website that provides unbiased reviews regarding online businesses. VPNs protect your privacy, but they can also unlock restricted content. Thankfully, they live up to the image, offering great software, as well as fantastic speeds. It has numerous add-ons, but their value is questionable and is included in the price of other, more robust services. The app racked up a disappointing speed test score, a below average upload score, and a blessedly average download score. As I contacted the customer support to know about other offerings of service, I found their response timely and detailed one.

Server Spread and Locations

This provider offers some amazing compatibility, much bigger than what other providers can offer, including various consoles, Smart TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, etc. PureVPN has a large number of servers located all over the world. The company is based in Hong Kong, but you can find their servers in countries on six continents of the world. Switching between the servers is also very easy and quick, thanks to the user-friendly interface.

In fact, you can go back and forth between servers as many times as you like, regardless of your payment plan, because PureVPN offers unlimited switching. When you sign up for a PureVPN package, you can connect up to five devices with one single account. This is very convenient for families with multiple devices computers, tablets, smart phones and, of course, for businesses.

One thing that will be very interesting to many new users is the fact that PureVPN offers unlimited bandwidth and data. This gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom to do whatever you want as much as you want. They also provide a detailed privacy policy on their website. The provider clearly states that under no circumstances will any information about your account usage be released unless required by law-enforcement personnel. Moreover, the Android app allows you to secure your Android smartphones and other data from hackers to a new height.

Interestingly, an Android app enables you to unblock your required websites with a single click from anywhere. With the help of an Android app, you can gain access some of the most popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and others. The android client comes with 2 GB of free bandwidth and offers in-app support and package update options. After installing android app on your device, you will achieve robust protection against a range of cyber threats.

Besides, you will be able to access tons of geo-restricted sites and services on your android devices from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the users can visit the official website of the service to achieve their installation mission. Yes, you read it correctly because it offers compatible apps that you can use on Firestick devices. Fortunately, you can experience the multi-login features on your desired Mac devices with such an ease. Moreover, the dedicated app enables you to obtain an overall better experience no matter for which purpose you are using the Mac app.

I tested and reviewed their iOS app as well. The iOS App offers 2GB of free data with complete online freedom and anonymity for the ultimate experience. The brand has also added an impressive feature that will connect you to VPN when the phone restarts.

The app is now also available in Arabic, Turkish, Chinese and Spanish languages. Thus, I suggest iOS users equip themselves with their iOS app and experience the internet like never before. Moreover, you are able to attain the required level of anonymity that enables you to surf the web through complete secrecy.

The same goes for Firefox users, as they are able to receive the desired extent of online protection through its extension instantly. The add-on helps you to watch your favorite content on your favorite streaming service Kodi securely.

Thousands of favorite TV shows, movies, games, documentaries, songs and hit videos can be found on torrent sites. But not to forget that strict anti-piracy laws, DMCA acts and copyright trolls have left torrenters to pay hefty fines and even serve time in prison. Considering the risks and threats to torrenters, PureVPN is the safest and most economical solution for safe torrenting.

With one-click torrenting protection, it offers instant anonymity to users who want to download torrents without getting caught. Here are some more details about the best torrent VPN available. After analyzing the service features of provider, I have uncovered the benefits and perks of using PureVPN for torrenting.

The Australian government has decided to take a stern action against users those who continue to access pirated content. Furthermore, the authorities have also enforced the ISPs to block piracy sites and associated domain names. My review suggests that the service works extremely well in China thanks to the presence of servers, which are dedicated for Asian countries. Once you have followed the guide in the right direction, you can start streaming your preferred content within China anonymously.

PureVPN exploration suggests that the service offers more than servers in the European region from which are dedicated for UK alone. Above all, you can experience the service on your preferred devices like Windows, Android, FireStick, Routers and others. Setup instructions are available for operating systems that are not catered to with custom software. The setup instructions are great and explained in detail with screen-shots available for most tutorials.

I would like to see a VPN service that has apps, clients, and software running for every operating system out there. The same goes for other operating systems like Mac because you can get tutorial about PureVPN for Mac devices straightaway. In addition, the subscribers can select other tutorials to download and install PureVPN on their preferred devices.

Trust Pilot is one of the most popular Danish review website that provides unbiased reviews regarding online businesses. Thus, you can find neutral feedbacks about PureVPN from different users that will help you answer the question that is purevpn safe or not in a timely manner. Our PureVPN review explores that you can obtain a comprehensive list of crucial features on different devices. Here is the list of salient features that includes:. Being installed on more than million active devices, Windows 10 is prone to similar security vulnerabilities that previous versions had faced.

Various hacking attacks, identity thefts, ransomware and unauthorized state-surveillance have left Windows 10 users with no other option except to use a VPN for reliable protection against modern cyber threats. Having over 60 million users worldwide, Mac OS X stands as the second largest operating system after Windows.

To get around with the risks, the brand offers a broad range of strong encryption tunneling protocols, ensuring a military-grade protection against the odds of the cyber world. One of the positives about the service is its all-round compatibility on different devices, including routers. Similarly, there are devices such as gaming consoles and set-top-boxes, on which you cannot configure a VPN directly.

Their customer support was very responsive and helpful as they provided us with a guide, enabling us to configure the provider on our router. The OpenVPN protocol is one of the most efficient protocols you can opt to secure your online privacy. I always recommend the subscribers to use the above mentioned protocols to attain online anonymity and protection straightaway. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your online privacy since PureVPN is offering the desired level of encryption hassle-free.

You have to talk to the customer support about the remaining protocols and they told me that an individual looking to use Open VPN would have to connect VPN through alteration in internal configuration files while IKEv2 has to be connected manually.

Interestingly, our PureVPN review explores that the service has not disappointed its users in this regard. As I contacted the customer support to know about other offerings of service, I found their response timely and detailed one.

Similarly, we asked them about money back guarantee and other benefits the brand is providing to its subscribers. They provided us the link of their all features. Hence, we were able to explore all features of them in detail. I hope the service would continue offering its impressive customer support advantage to users in future.

If you do not have enough money in your bank account to worry about losing a few hundred dollars every month, then it becomes a right option. The client software is extremely user-friendly and the compatibility is almost pioneering. The brand gets my vote! A trip through PureVPN review made it clear that it manages to come up with a new discount offer for just about every single holiday on the calendar — making the provider extremely affordable for people who are into smart buying.

In light of the cost-effectiveness, the moderately good service quality seems quite justified and all of it comes together to form a complete package that makes for a good return on investment.

A privacy advocate by day and a binge-watcher by night, Aazim Akhtar loves to write about online security, internet freedom, and all the latest technological trends.

Finding ways to secure any sensitive data and protect against existing and emerging cyber threats is his passion. Follow him on Twitter to stay in touch with his work! Nice and simple to use software for PC and phone on all platforms with extensive configurations if you need more than simple tunnelling, accompanied by complete instructions for setting up your VPN manually including routers.

We are glad that you can use its various apps on your preferred devices. Keep using PureVPN and secure your privacy stress-free. PureVPN has been great for me, I mainly use it for split tunneling and it works great for my purposes! Had a login issue after upgrading to Windows 10 and they sent a hotfix in less than 30 minutes of my ticket. Keep up the great work!

In addition, you were able to solve your problem through customer support in a timely manner. The best VPN service. I only use it for streaming and it works great! Excellent customer support when needed! Dear Bjorn, Thanks for your valuable comment, you can use the service for different purposes other than streaming. We are happy that you found its customer support efficient. I received the very best support for the issue I was having.

Ive been with purevpn for along while now,it offers the best speeds an now Id say the best support. Dear Dukes, Thanks for reaching out to us, we are glad that you were able to solve your query straightaway.

Keep using PureVPN and enjoy online protection accordingly. Been using PureVPN the past two years and signed up for another two years. Works great and if I have any question or problems they answer and take of problems quickly and professionally. Dear Dale T, Thanks for reaching out to us. We are happy that you found PureVPN useful to fulfill your online privacy needs. Keep using PureVPN to enjoy secure and anonymous online activities from anywhere.

Dear Alan Blakely, Thanks for your valuable feedback. We are glad that you liked PureVPN a lot. Keep using PureVPN and enjoy online freedom hassle-free.

Henry at PureVPN helped me solve all my problems. I was having a difficult time connecting but he was professional and determined the problem. Keep using the service and enjoy online freedom from anywhere. Initial problems with setup, likely my ignorance. A little time and a few software updates and everything is working to my satisfaction. Their servers are reliable and performing excellently. Dear Otero, Thanks for your valuable feedback. We are glad that you liked PureVPN. Keep using PureVPN and enjoy online anonymity and protection hassle-free.

Hi don couchie PureVPN offers 5 simultaneous connections at one time and you can cover up to 5 devices with one connection. The program lets me do and watch what I want anywhere in the world and my location is not known to anyone. At least as long as my IP remains hidden.

Great program, I know I can browse and use the internet with complete peace my privacy is safeguarded. Very easy to use, and starts up when I boot my PC. Thanks for your valuable comment. I love my pure vpn.

It allows me to do things I could not do before. When everyone out there always try to see all you do ,pure vpn keeps me safe from that and that is why I love to use them. It would log out frequently leaving my IP vulnerable, log in problems and a few other little quirts.

I advised them of the problems and stayed with them for the next 3 months. They repaired all the problems and the last 6 months I have been running flawlessly. It can be an hour or all week connected, I never have to worry about my IP being exposed. I would recommend PureVPN to anyone. Has been extremely reliable, the software is straight forward to use, and the cross OS support is fantastic. Anytime Ive experienced any problem switching to another country or server has fixed the problem.

I love it for the ability to surf where ever I want regardless to where I live. I am not well so the internet is my lifeline to my friends and family and it keeps me sane. I have never had any problems with it.

Very user friendly, run ping test, find best speed server, connect. Also i have had download speeds up to 75 mbps, thats impressive for a vpn. Really appreciate your comment. It is really nice to see that the VPN is working smoothly for you. I have now used the PureVPN service one year and had twice different issues due to my lack of understanding the program properly. When I turned to their customer service team to get some help, I have received an excellent, polite and swift support solving all of my problems.

The program works excellently in my Mac and iPhone so I have to give my thumbs up with full satisfaction for this company and their VPN service service team including of course their program which works excellently on my devices.

Keep using PureVPN on your desired devices and enjoy online freedom from anywhere. Thanks for reaching out to us. Very satisfied with PureVPN, the support team was answering to all my Emails very rapidly and suggesting many ways for solving my problems, finally, the problems was with my network card on my PC and now everything is OK thanks to PureVPN support team.

I have used PureVPN for over a year now when a friend recommend it. Based on my experience, I would have no hesitation recommended the software. We are delighted that you found PureVPN useful and accomplished your objective. Keep using PureVPN and attain online freedom instantly. Dear Kevin Leach, Thanks for the feedback, We are glad you received high quality customer support that solved your queries instantly.

Keep using PureVPN and secure your online privacy straightaway. I received a response within the hour with guidance on how to use dedicated IP mode. Having followed the guidance, I could connect to BBC iPlayer immediately and the connection has not dropped at all since. Enjoy online anonymity through PureVPN. Dear Anton, Thanks for reaching out to us.

We are happy that you can connect PureVPN on your desired devices hassle-free. When you go to complete your transaction, PureVPN gives you the chance to purchase add-on services. These include an additional firewall and other extras, which I discuss in detail later. Whichever plan you choose, you get five licenses to spread across all your devices. There is also a business version of PureVPN, priced on a per-seat basis. Running VPN software on your router can be a smart way to extend protection to every device in your house—including smart devices that can't run VPN software, like your fridge or your game console—at no additional cost.

Its Split Tunneling feature also lets you select specific traffic to go through the VPN, which is excellent. That way, you can keep certain activities secure and allow more data-hungry but less sensitive functions to get all the access they need. PureVPN doesn't do everything, however.

The absence of such fringe features doesn't hurt PureVPN's score, however, though their presence can help boost the profile of the competition. VPN technology has been around for a long time; as a result, there is more than one way to create an encrypted tunnel.

All of these provide bit encryption, except PPTP, which offers only bit encryption. Generally, I recommend that people use OpenVPN where possible, because of its speed, reliability, and open-source status.

I am, however, happy to see that PureVPN offers many choices, from legacy support to the latest standards. It's safe to assume that a VPN company will add or remove servers as demand increases or slacks, but the number and location of servers are useful indicators of a VPN service's robustness. The more servers there are, the more bandwidth is available to each user on each server. The more server locations there are, the more likely you are to find a fast and reliable connection when you travel abroad.

Numerous server locations also means more choices for spoofing your location, too. PureVPN currently offers users some servers across countries in different locations. In fact, it offers some of the best geographic diversity I have yet seen among VPN companies. Simply having VPN servers in 19 different African nations puts it leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. But not everything is necessarily as it seems.

PureVPN told me that 54 of the country locations are physical servers while the other 87 are virtual locations. A virtual server is a software-defined server; basically, a physical server running multiple virtual servers that can be configured in different ways, including being made to appear to be in a country other than where they're actually located.

Virtual servers can be an issue if you want to know exactly which countries are handling your data. That's difficult with PureVPN. Although you can find out which servers are virtual, a representative explained to me virtual servers are placed "in a location nearest to the actual physical location.

This might matter if you're concerned about your data passing through or being stored in specific legal jurisdictions. These companies also do not use any virtual locations and own physical hardware in each of the countries they serve. That's particularly notable as these countries have oppressive internet policies. In general, I don't think it's possible to make a final judgment about the privacy powers of a given company based solely on the country in which it operates.

It is, however, important to know what the policies of the company are and the legal framework they operate within. I suggest would-be consumers consider the facts and go with the company they feel most comfortable about. A VPN is intended to improve your privacy, but that only works if the company providing the service takes steps to make sure that your information is secure. PureVPN recently update its privacy policy and the results are good. It's very easy to read and understand. It's not interactive, like TunnelBear's, but its bullet-pointed format makes for breezy reading, if you're into that sort of thing.

It does, however, note when you connect to a server and the total bandwidth used during your session. This kind of data gathering is not unusual among VPN services. The records that are kept, the company says, could not "associate any specific activity to a specific user.

Since we first reviewed PureVPN, the company has come under fire for disclosing user information to the federal government in response to a criminal investigation. While I am far from being an expert in law enforcement, the disclosure seems in line with the company's privacy policy.

Concerned readers should consider the case carefully. A company representative for PureVPN told me that the company only gathers revenue from subscription sales. That's good, as some VPN companies have intercepted user web traffic to insert ads.

Still, others have sold anonymized user information, a practice by ISPs that many use a VPN to prevent in the first place. This is a bit ironic, given how repressive some of China's internet regulations are. Hong Kong doesn't have mandatory data-retention laws, though, so PureVPN is not required to store data on users or their behavior. However, the Chinese government has been working to ban VPNs that don't comply with certain restrictions.

I invited representatives from PureVPN to explain in detail what steps the company takes to protect user data while operating in China. Indeed, the city is actually an " autonomous territory " within China. As such, a company representative described it as the, "best place in the world to keep anything hidden.

I'm not a legal expert, but PureVPN's representatives explained that Hong Kong maintains its own "legislative, judiciary [ As a rule, I don't think it's possible for me to make a judgment on a VPN company's privacy practices based solely on the location of its headquarters. To do so would be xenophobic at the least. I also know that its privacy policy lays out strong protections for consumers simply by not collecting the most sensitive information.

Again, I cannot claim to be a well-versed in the law especially not international law. My advice, as always, is that consumers consider the facts and make a decision that feels comfortable to them. When you create an account for billing purposes with PureVPN, you enter an email and a password a mere 12 characters, with no special characters—hardly secure.

But this isn't the password or login information you use with the actual PureVPN app. Instead, you receive an email with the password and username in plaintext. Other VPNs also handle user logins this way. The logic is that it separates your usage and payment identities, allowing for greater anonymity. I'd like to see PureVPN handle this more elegantly—and more securely. First-time customers may be confused, wondering why the login credentials they used to purchase a subscription don't work in the client.

When you launch PureVPN, a screen prompts you to select one of five options: Depending on what you select, PureVPN delivers a customized experience.

This is clever since it elevates features users might not be familiar with by presenting situations they probably understand, but I wonder how helpful it will be for someone who just wants to get online.

Performance and Reliability