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Paper Jam , 3DS. Ultimate 's page on other NIWA wikis: Pokemon Getto Daze ; in English language versions of the franchise, it was originally "Gotta catch 'em all! All information in this article must be verifiable, and adhere to SmashWiki's new game procedure. Females lack the red head crest. I was trying to decide whether to switch out the Pokemon Trainer with a new trainer from a later series with three new starters or to keep the original. Chimecho can be seen jingling in the center of the turning teleportation platforms.

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Causes an Explosion that affects any fighter. Can also be picked up and thrown just before detonating. Chases after the nearest opponent, then locks itself into position and shoots a flurry of 38 stars.

Also damages on contact. Jumps up out of view, then returns much larger and Body Slams any foe on the way down. Flies away in a force field and drops a trophy, custom part, or a new option in the Settings menu.

Randomly uses one of several moves: Night Shade temporarily blackens the screen, Leech Seed plants a flower on opponents' heads for gradual damage, Hypnosis causes sleep, Icy Wind freezes, and Earthquake traps them in the ground. Uses Sweet Scent to put nearby opponents to sleep. Generates a huge column of fire, trapping opponents for severe damage and launching them at the end. Shoots a powerful Aurora Beam directly forward, freezing opponents. Flies into the background and fires Aeroblast at a section of the stage.

Creates a large sphere that reflects all enemy projectile attacks, then traverses the stage with it. Steps on foes to trap them, then launches nearby grounded opponents with a stomp. Done four times in total. Those who barely avoid being hit are blown by the turbulence. Floats about the stage, shooting blasts of water to push opponents off the battlefield.

Damages foes who touch its mouth. Floats up into the air and fires Hyper Beam at the ground, causing repeated damage. Blizzard and Ice Punch. Releases a whirlwind that repeatedly damages opponents and may carry them off-screen. Stomps on the stage with Gravity , slamming nearby airborne opponents down. In team battles, this also affects teammates. Brings an opponent to the top of the screen, slashes them 14 times with its claws, then slams then down to the ground with both arms. Gym Leader Battle ", and "Battle!

Kyogre reprises its role in SSB4, though curiously not Groudon. Kyogre will appear once again in this fashion in Ultimate , though it is currently unknown if Groudon will return as well. According to scrapped data in Brawl , there is a theory that Plusle and Minun were originally planned to be playable characters.

Jigglypuff wears a hibiscus as an alternate costume, similar to Phoebe of Hoenn's Elite Four. In terms of playable characters, the fourth generation also has a representation, with Lucario as a playable character in Brawl , SSB4 and Ultimate.

Spear Pillar is also a stage in Brawl , complete with the Diamond and Pearl mascots Dialga and Palkia , along with Cresselia as major stage hazards. Chandelure , Petilil , and Cryogonal also appear as enemies in Smash Run.

Greninja is a playable character in SSB4 and Ultimate. Also in those games, Jigglypuff wears Nurse Joy's hat, as well as Serena's hat as alternate costumes. Ads keep SmashWiki independent and free: Retrieved from " https: Navigation Main page Smash Bros. It uses Pay Day to attack opponents.

It detonates with Explosion. It bounces around harmlessly using Splash. It homes in on a target and unleashes Swift. It strikes opponents with Take Down. It launches itself skyward and plummets towards the stage with Body Slam.

It uses Fly and damages opponents with its fiery wings. It passively uses Fly to exit the stage, dropping a Custom Part or trophy. It uses a Metronome to summon a random infliction. It puts opponents to sleep with Sweet Scent. It unleashes a pillar flames with Fire Spin.

It strikes opponents with an icy Aurora Beam. Strikes opponents with Aeroblast. It encircles itself in a Reflect barrier that deflects projectiles. It shakes the ground with Earthquake. They fly back-and-forth and strike opponents with Steel Wing. It blasts opponents away with Hydro Pump. It rises to the top of the stage and unleashes Hyper Beam. It strikes opponents with Blizzard and Ice Punch. It flips the camera perspective upside-down with Spacial Rend. It strikes opponents with Dragon Breath.

It pulls in opponents with Dark Void and puts them to sleep. It slams airborne opponents downward with Gravity.

It uses Victory Star to grant fighters a 1. It strikes opponents with Razor Leaf.