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10+ Free Tools to Bypass Firewalls and Access Blocked Websites
Germ, not need specifics but what private business do you conduct at work that isn't related to work? Your opinion that freely publishing content is irresponsible is perfectly valid, and like I said you make a very valid point - should all kids have this information, whether or not it works? Or get one of those 3G USB things. Do I unblock sites for students and teachers who need access to educational content? Popular ones include NordVPN and ExpressVPN, but you're free to choose the one that fits your needs and price range if you plan on purchasing a membership. Typing in "https" rather than "http" at the beginning of a website's address e. I get slightly irritated by these kinds of posts, I'm employed to stop people getting to web pages they shouldn't.

Firewall Bypass: How to Surf Your Favorite Sites from Behind Firewalls

You can also run SSH server on any other port. However, your connection will be fully encrypted and the admins of your network will not be able to see any data or even which hosts yo connect to.

All they see is encrypted data and the IP of your remote server. Maybe it was answered by others - the top answer - https: Since your profile says you are in London I am going to assume that it's the network where you work that has blocked these services. Since you would be breaking company policy, you might lose your job, just be aware of that.

I have gotten around some restrictions where I work by using a different top-domain, for example using google. It will work sometimes, not all the time. For email and online dating sites I usually use my phone, it's completely separate from the company network and outside of their control.

However for gmail, what you could do is to find a web based e-mail provider that isn't blocked perhaps easier said than done and then use imap to connect to your email account. It's not an ideal workaround, but still a phone with an email client is still probably your best solution. And depending on where you are in the city, perhaps there is an wifi-hotspot in your vicinity and can use that with your phone. There's a really easy fix for bypass some blocked sites.

Use Google translate, look for the blocked site on google use the "translate this site" google will open you a translated version of the site you can't disable it inside. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Please note that if you try to bypass e. Following general methods are worth to try: Try substituting the IP address for a domain name; e. Try to use one of free public proxies in your browser Try to install Tor Browser Different methods described in the other articles: A major drawback of using your cell phone to surf the net is that it could end up being very expensive- some carriers charge by the amount of data you download.

Another drawback is that this method can be easy to trace. If you have a competent IT department at work, you might need to be extra sneaky if you try this method. This is a hassle free method to bypass a firewall. There are some proxies that claim to support video streaming, but the experience is often painful. So what are proxy sites exactly? They let you connect to them and let you browse the net through their servers. This means that all you have to do is connect to their website and use their server to access another blocked website.

Most of the popular websites will probably be blocked at work or school. However, luckily for you, there are a lot of proxy services out there, with new ones being introduced all the time. It might take a little searching, but you should be able to find one that is both unlocked and works well.

You can surf the net normally with them, just like you would at home. If none of these methods work for you, you may need to reconfigure the network — which is better done on your home network. Create a Course Corporate Learning Mobile. It is located at IIX server so well fast accessed from Indonesia. Please, can I install some of these packages on my PC without internet connection and still connect to internet, if yes, someone help me with how to do it.

I tried ultrasurf too and it was wonderful, thank you and keep the good work up. The programs are great but they all leave a registry entry. Each one of these programs are great since you can input a proxy before connecting, which I have like 5 encrypted proxy servers of my own, but anyway each program leaves a a bunch of registry keys which can be traced back to you.

I tried all the mentioned ways to breakout from China. Tks to Hamid, at last I found a way that worked. Do you know anything to bypass a program made by Eagle Software. It is a firewall that lets you use a proxy once but if you try to use it again it will recognize it and block it. I think it blocks things by looking at a list of words, phrases, etc that is made by the admin.

Wow,lol Ultrasurf and Freegate are always the best but lol they are no more working in ghana why? UltraSurf is extremely easy and effective to use, why Tor is so powerful with many tools included. Tor is very slow. It really needs more volunteers to run tor servers. Hotspotshield is ad driven. You never know how much info they or any free providers are collecting about you.

It might be ok for some light surfing but if you are planning to use extensively you are better of with some serious provider. Also hulu has blocked Hotspotshield. I currently use http: I thought about running my own VPN server but it works out expensive than acevpn.

So decided to stick with them. I would suggest http: I'm using Tor here Nigeria which had been working for quite a number of weeks; but recently seem to have been blocked by the channel through which my connection is made! Could there be any solution to this? I could by chance connect but cant browse because the downlink doesn't respond at all after connecting!! Please is there any assistance you could offer to me! Yes, the solution is first you go to hell, second, durn Nigeria to the goround because you are all a bunch of frausters.

ALL proxy are blocking Nigeria because you are dirty dogs. Puffin browser is a good way for accessing censored websites. Unfortunately it is available only on mobile devices. I use ultra surf for accessing Facebook here in Vietnam. Tor is good but slow. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Twitter App for iPhone and iPod Touch. Four Must-Have Coupon Apps.

This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis. I never imagined that my own country would adopt this practice one day but when recently Pakistan blocked YouTube I realized that I cannot even trust my own ISP and decided to take the matters in my own hands well kind of Over the year I have shared a number of tips and tricks related to bypassing Internet firewalls and accessing blocked websites but with time these tricks have become useless and obsolete so today I am sharing with you 10 Free Tools to bypass firewalls and access blocked websites that will make sure that you get to visit those websites blocked by your country ISPs or network firewalls.

FreeGate Link FreeGate is an anti-censorship client software for a secure and faster internet.