20 Best Tips to Stay Anonymous and Protect Your Online Privacy

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14 privacy tools you should use to stay secure
Suite Washington, DC The year everyone's security took a hit Seven privacy settings you should change immediately in iOS 8 security predictions: Desktop Operating Systems Tails: OpenDNS browsing protections By switching your DNS settings, OpenDNS aims to make the internet safer and more reliable, while at the same time improving your internet speeds and connection's reliability. As for encryption, it uses the same bit encryption as LastPass, although one of its advanced features is its 34 characters long secret key, which they claim eliminates the need of 2-FA and makes it virtually impossible to hack into your 1Password account. Also the users whom you add as friends can help you speed up your downloads by letting you use their upload capacities. Anyway let me sum it all up.

27 Best Privacy Tools

27 Best Privacy Tools for Complete Digital Privacy Online and Offline.

No longer is it necessary to remember them, or have them written down in an insecure way. Mitro, which comes with a glowing recommendation from the Electronic Frontier Foundation privacy group , and works on a number of popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

It was never particularly user friendly , though. It is by far the one and only trusted secure encrypted email system. One of the benefits is that it works with your existing email address. You can't just drag a file into the trash and think it's gone forever. Most of the time, files can be "undeleted. Eraser is one of the most highly rated file shredders available, and, thanks to it being open-source, it's free to use.

Ghostery is a tracking tool that can be added to your browser to show you how you're being tracked online -- and by whom. Available for most modern browsers for desktop and mobile, its aim is to inform users of how many companies are tracking your activities, like what sites you visit, and which companies collect data on you in order to serve you adverts.

It also at the time of writing blocks just shy of 1, trackers. As an ad-blocker, AdBlock Plus is not strictly a privacy-saving software.

But by blocking ads, the browser plug-in can significantly reduce the number of tracking cookies that get installed on your computer. The software, available for most widely used modern browsers, is used by more than 50 million people.

Hotspot Shield comes with virtual-private networking technology, allowing its users to bypass Internet provider or governmental restrictions. Many will also know it as a way of masking your country's IP address allowing you access to streaming services from other regions. But its primary goal is to allow users to securely browse the Web with end-to-end encryption in public places, which can often be prime targets for hackers and identity thieves.

The little-known Linux-based operating system, Tails OS, rose to fame when it was given a glowing review in a name-check by whistleblower Edward Snowden. Tails is slated as an all-in-one solution for those who want an operating system that leaves no trace behind , as it runs from a read-only USB drive or DVD.

It comes bundled with a number of technologies -- including many of those noted in this slideshow -- and state-of-the-art cryptographic tools for communication. Forget OneDrive, iCloud, and Dropbox. They may all offer encrypted cloud storage, but they have the keys, and can be compelled to hand over your files to the government. But SpiderOak, a cloud storage provider, can't and won't, because its users are the ones with the encryption keys. Its entire service revolves around its customers' privacy.

This Linux-based operating system rose to fame after Edward Snowden touted it as one of the tools that helped him evade the NSA. One can then run it on any computer by simply plugging in the device. This OS maintains users' privacy and anonymity while using the internet and it comes pre-loaded with a host of cryptographic tools that can encrypt your files, emails and instant messaging. It also leaves no trace of its use in the computer unless asked.

Google's largest revenue share comes from its advertising business and as such it gathers troves of data from users to improve its ad network. It doesn't store personal information and it doesn't advertise, at all. DuckDuckGo shows all its users the same search results for a given search term — there is no targeting users based on their browsing behaviour or history.

And, it also curates information from acclaimed sources to ensure accuracy. They offer softwares for individuals, small businesses, and enterprises.

For individuals, there are three products: All their softwares feature the highest grade of end-to-end encryption which makes it impossible for anyone to gain access to their users' data. The open source tool protects its users from many forms of surveillance, account hijacking, and censorship by encrypting your computer's communications with the sites' servers. A VPN is essentially an online firewall — it allows users to access data on private servers without either the data, or their identity IP address and location , being compromised.

Script blocking Self-Destructing Cookies Firefox: Hosted in the Netherlands. Internet anonymizing software that securely routes traffic through multiple nodes around the world.

Tor client for Android. Encrypts and anonymizes Internet traffic. It is intended to protect communication from dragnet surveillance and monitoring by third parties such as ISPs. Encrypted cloud storage system. OpenPGP encryption for webmail.

Alternative Email Accounts Guerrillamail: Privacy-focused email, based in Switzerland Neomailbox: Secure Instant Messaging Adium is a third-party instant messaging program that allows for encrypted chats across multiple networks, but for Macs. Cryptocat Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mac: P2P instant messaging routed through the Tor network. Browser plugin that blocks third-party website requests to Facebook to limit Facebook's tracking of users' web activity Alternative Currencies Cash: Additional Resources Prism Break:

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