Netflix Canada vs. Netflix USA: You Can Stop Envying The Americans Now

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But the big thing is the ability to switch between both to get more content overall. Netflix uses IP addresses to decide what country gets what content. Because there's no reason to. Sign up for the Flixed Weekly Newsletter. It makes it look like you are travelling in another country!

Here's a few of the great titles you could be watching tonight!

Wentworth Season 6 Release Date On Netflix – USA and Canada

There were hundreds more in the Canadian only content, but I figured I would only list titles I am familiar with. Now, the numbers still suggest US netflix is larger, but does this actually carry over into better content still? US netflix has titles compared to Canadas , but on further inspection you find that over of the US titles available in US only are spanish content, while on the Canadian side there is only about french only content, meaning the real numbers for english content should actually be for US and for Canada.

Have others found the same as I have, that Canadian netflix content is actually better quality, while less quantity than US netflix? After the VPN crackdown I just got fed up and switched over to regular Canadian NF, and I've been more than happy with the selection, especially the superior art-house fare.

I can live without the small selection of TV series I can't see anymore. It's not like YouTube, streaming sites and torrents don't exist. Canadian Netflix has vastly improved in the past year in my opinion. The movies are getting newer, and more general content is popping up. The Mongrel Media catalogue sealed it for me.

They have such a good selection of quality titles that it more than makes up for not being able to watch any of the various incarnations of Star Trek, most of Futurama or Bob's Burgers.

Canada has exclusive deals with Disney for Marvel and Star Wars movies. I think our movie selection is better but we don't have as many good TV shows.

But really what TV shows are we missing? I always found that American Netflix has better tv shows where Canadian Netflix has better movies. I don't find that, I don't cross as often anymore in the physical sense, and I only use the netlfix with the region I am in, but I find Canadian as far more things I want to watch. I was searching for almost an hour in the US until I found something to watch.

I totally understand why thats a netflix joke there, searching for hours and watching nothing. In terms of pure numbers, US netflix has more to watch. Whether you like it or not isn't really a matter of discussion. Personally, I prefer US netflix over Canadian. Most movies and television aren't worth the time to watch in my opinion, so I prefer having access to a catalog that has stuff I know I like, which I can go back to every so often and watch.

Haven't used american one in quite a while. So far I am pleased still with the amount of stuff we can still watch between Crave and Canadian Netflix. Since there are multiple means by which to stream content for free without limiting yourself to any one library, it seems odd to me that Netflix is still so widely used. I have a watchlist that will last me to the end of this year on Netflix, that's what keeps me there. I also enjoyed Netflix while I had it. But anything you can watch on Netflix, I can also watch, and it doesn't cost me a dime.

In fact, I can watch a good deal more than you can And I don't have to break the law to do it either. Laws are obviously different depending on where you live. Where I live the law is quite clear that streaming is not illegal. Companies who make their money by selling content might suggest otherwise - but that doesn't make it so. Legality doesn't mean morally correct. I'd rather support TV shows I enjoy then steam them on a host party. Many people are the same.

You're also not taking into account the comfortably of simply being able to click on a title rather than finding a reliable link, or downloading it, or finding the quality that it's worth watching it in.

I don't mind paying the equivalent of a McDonalds meal to be able to fall back on all that. If streaming is immoral it's not I guess I'm going to have to find some way to deal with the guilt. Your grandma might have difficulty figuring out how to stream content, but I simply don't struggle with that issue.

I can comfortably stream all manner of content without any inconvenience at all. You're stealing content, that's the very definition of immoral in my book but I guess we all have different standards! Like I said, it's not difficult but finding he right quality can be a matter of checking a few different links. I suppose effort out in can be objective too, like the morality bit. I was merely showing you why some of us chose not to stream content we enjoy. For example I love Mr.

To each their own! Not sure where you're going with the McDonalds bit but it looks to be shaping into a delightful straw man! Like you I'm content to let people do what they like. Feel free to keep paying for a tiny fraction of the content that you can have for free - by all means.

It's your money after all. And if that feeds your need to find a way to consider yourself superior, all the better. Then you're consuming stolen content? If you buy a stolen car, that you know is stolen, you consider yourself guilt free?

I'm confused by the mental gymnastics you're trying to engage in to escape what is an absolute truth? If you don't care- by all means. Don't try to deny what you're doing, though. I don't consider myself superior to you, like I said my opinion is completely subjective, I'm just sharing with you why I don't agree. Ironically it's you that seems to think you're superior because you're getting this content for free.

There are a few areas in which we can argue opinion- whether this is morally wrong, whether it matters, ect. Whether or not the content is stolen, by you or whomever else, isn't arguable. If you bought something and you are simply sharing a duplicate copy of it with others piracy , then whoever else is grabbing it is not "stealing". If you are grabbing any kind of copy of something that has been reproduced by the holder, then you are not "stealing" it.

They still have the copy they have. They didn't lose anything from the matter. That's what "theft" would actually involve. IP addresses on the web are just like the physical mailing addresses that postal workers when they deliver mail. The problem for Netflix is that IP address blocks are notoriously ineffective. Internet IP addresses are by no means set in stone. David Glance, University of Western Australia. Netflix and other streaming services have helped shorten the amount of it time it takes for a movie to make its way into your living room.

Movies usually debut first in the theaters. A few weeks later, most movies make their way to pay-per-view services. Then, the DVD comes out. Finally, Netflix and other streaming services are allowed to buy up the rights.

The trouble is that ever country has their own licensing players. Canada has different broadcasters than the US. Therefore, different deals need to be worked out.

The same concept applies to other countries, as well. Because different countries have different broadcasters, licensing timetables move at different speeds. It takes time for the executives involved to sort out the details of who gets to broadcast what.

They make it harder to control who gets to watch what. So in order to preserve the old business model, executives have forced Netflix to implement content filters. Netflix is still on a mission to block VPN users from accessing its services. ExpressVPN has excellent prices, great customer support and speedy service. Perhaps the biggest advantage that ExpressVPN has over the competition is its excellent customer service.

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