Sharing Files over Network with XBOX 360 in Homegroup

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If you've been able to connect wirelessly in the past but can't connect now, see the Xbox Live Connection Solution. The Xbox is a terrific home media portal even for those who look down on gaming. If your network is not listed, try the following: The Apple Watch Series 4 gets smart about heart rate. The console will automatically try connecting to Xbox Live.

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I have the file sharing working but any computer on my network can access it and My Xbox can see folders that it is not apposed to see such as Public Videos, Recorded TV and Some folders on the root of my C Drive. I went into the properties of these folders and it says there not shared and went into the "Share With It also doesn't see sme folders in My Videos. My Xbox connects to the network thorough a Network Bridge on my laptop. My laptop is connected by Wireless. Try sharing the files and folders with specific people and check if you are able to accomplish what you want to.

Follow the link given below to share files and folders with specific people. You may also use the password protected sharing wherein the files will be visible but they would require a password to be accessed. If you prefer to establish a wired connection, which generally provides the fastest and most reliable connection, this is still an option, but you need to purchase an Ethernet cable. If your home is not yet equipped with broadband Internet access, you should consider setting up a high-speed connection to tap the full potential of your console.

Although the process is generally straightforward, each manufacturer and system can have specific configuration and setup requirements, making coverage of such intricacies well beyond the scope of this book.

Xbox supports To establish a wireless network connection, you need three things: Follow these steps to connect your Xbox to your wireless network. You will not be able to continue past step 2 if you have an Ethernet cable connected, so if you wish to switch from wired to wireless, disconnect the cable first. If you need to purchase network hardware to wirelessly connect to Xbox LIVE or want to upgrade your current hardware, you can find a list of compatible hardware at http: After step 5, you may receive a prompt to update your console software.

If this occurs, select Yes and follow the onscreen prompts. This article will explain what you need, how to configure your home network, as well as getting everything ready to rock and roll.

Windows Media Connect is a new technology built in to Windows Media Player 11 for sharing media across a home network. In fact, there is a whole ecosystem of Windows Media Connect devices that integrate with home theater and stereo systems so that you can access media such as music files from anywhere in the home.

Windows Media Connect integrates with Windows Media Player 11 to share your library across your home network. Media Sharing in Windows Media Player 11 is very flexible and you can share media by star rating, parental rating, and media type.

When you connect to a new network, Windows Vista asks if the network is a Home, Work, or Public connection. If the connection is a Home or Work connection, Windows Vista assumes it is a private connection, and lets more applications communicate with your computer on the network. With a private connection, Windows assumes that you are not directly connected to the internet -- therefore, it is safe to allow more applications to communicate with your computer.

If the network is public, Windows Vista locks down your computer and increases security on the Windows Firewall so that fewer applications can communicate with your computer.

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