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WWE Survivor Series
The ref is making the count and Tamina just makes it back in but Nia is counted out. If his failed cash-in of the Money in the Bank contract ahead of Survivor Series was the low point in Corbin's build toward a potential main event run, this match was a definitive push in the other direction. Title, New Day vs. Good match but crowd was dead in spots until the end. Following an action-packed heavyweight match that is absolutely in the conversation for WWE match of the year, the men's Survivor Series elimination match took center stage with a mix of both young and veteran stars. But Flair and Bliss, the only two women in WWE history to hold both the Raw and SmackDown titles, went out and performed as if they had been feuding for years.

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Survivor Series (2017)

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Traditional 5-on-5 elimination Survivor Series men's match: Team