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How To Find Out What My DNS Servers Address Is
Start of Authority Record I have found my dns numbers yet I still get an error saying that there was no response from my dns server what do I do now???? Thank you for your interest in this question. You may not modify the resolv. I have been playing ps3 online just fine!!! On systems running systemd use:

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Get The Active DNS Servers On Linux

I must to do this, make this for example…. What should I do? Only clue was that a DNS problem occured and error was displayed on attempt in chrome…. I was really worried but this helped me really…. Both wworking really nice now… thanks. Ok I have tried every thing i know both of my dns number but when i put them in my ps3 they dont work.

I am trying to work at home. I need to know if I have a high speed internet servise. If not, I need to switch to a high speed internet provider. I am also trying to watch a vidio clip sent to me by my employer but dont know how to make it play and dont know how to turn on speakers. I was having the same problem as a lot of you. I was getting those dns errors while trying to connect to Xbox live. Apparently the MAC address is where the hang up is.

It was for me anyway. If you run the ipconfig the MAC address is next to where it says physical address. I think it has to do with the fact that I was connecting directly to the modem. Not sure if it would have been a problem if I was using a router. Use iptables to forward port to internal system. See this FAQ for more info. I have tried getting online with my ps3 a while and i still cant figure it out i have tried evryhing from this site to other sites I obtain the IP address but the internet connection fails.

I can get online wiht my nieghors linsky but has bad signal It was working for a little than stoped. Yowww i iz tryin 2 set ma internet up for ma ps3 yhh buh it wnt let me cuz it sayin dah dere is a dns error n i dnt no wah ma numba is cud u tell me how to get it. Use this to solve the DNS not resolved error: Unplug your modem 7. Turn on your Xbox without a disc in the drive 8. Enter the DNS settings you copied down then apply the changes Input that letter and number sequence Connect your Xbox to your modem.

Do you know how to fix this problem. Please email me back. Im trying to get internet access on my playsation 3 and everything is going well until it checks the DNS Server Address. This is what it says: An error occured during communictaion with the server.

This is a DNS error Got my Dns server address and manually entered in the configuration menu as instructed but I still get the same message. I was givin a router from a friend. I went to the router site to install a WEP to secure my internet, but then it asks me for a Network Key when I try to sign onto the internet.

Where do I get my Network Key from? Some one please help me as my neighbors are stealling my internet from me….. Kyriel my ip is also the same as the default gateway but that doesnt matter.

My router worked for my ps3 and ds ladt year but now they dont so the only thing you can do is call your internet service provider and if all else fails get a new linksys routers those are good for linking different systems. Hi well the basics are a good place to start lol..

Hey there I am having the same problem as everyone who has been writing in. I had a tech from my isp provider come out and help but still no joy. The same message port may be blocked which is rubbish. Even though now I have been changing settings both in the xbox and router I am still unable to connect to xbox live. I think the server is down but microsoft are not telling us.

The main issue is most people need to make sure they are connected directly to the router that converts their cable signal or phone sig to the internet.

Most people are not directly connected to their router. The MAC address comes in handy sometimes with multiple routers. Sometimes the default is set and you want to make sure the information is being routed to the routers MAC and not the default. Hope this helps … mostly reiterating allot of what has been said. I am trying to hook up PS3. But the very thing is thati have been trying to connect my psp to the internet for some ti2me now and whave been having problem pls i need info on how to go about this.

Im trying to connect my Nintendo DS to internet and it needs a primary and secondary DNS number and my pc doesnt have one. Ive tried steps on the net on where to find it and theres no number. I need it as quick as possible. Im using Windows 7 64bit. Just fill in the Primary and you should be good. If you need a second one use a Public DNS such as 4. Hi, here is my problem. I got new internet connection provided by WISP.

The agent fist filled the ip as Then he type Now i want to change my speed plan to the higher, so that i can hold some money in my pocket. I want to know: Is there any use by changing the MAC address?

Here i want to tell you is, he was able to view the logs in my computer when he sign in into I can connect to the hotels network, but not the internet. I have been playing ps3 online just fine!!! OK I paid the maintenence man here at the hotel to let me turn off the router and wait 30 seconds like the other suggestion says. I tried to put the verizon secondary DNS for the public in…. This day and age it should be as easy as touching a button!!!! Im having the same issue as everyone with this dns crap… i been at it for hours trying some of the different codes..

Do you have a project plan or steps to decommission Legacy DNS servers. The actual hand off to service down would take place after all communication to IT teams are complete — what are the pitfalls? Could you help me please? ALSO does anybody think it would be easier using a wireless connector instead of the wire that comes with the xbox Clearly I am a newby, so I would appreciate any help ie: Do I need congress in on the teleconference as well?

Thinking of buying a playstation 3 or X box since Samsung blu ray dvd player won;t link? It is telling me DNS server is disabled. I called gateway and they restored the computer back to the factory defaults and I still keep getting that the DNS server is disabled.

Can someone help me with this? I am so frustrated. I have a new gateway and operating system of windows 7. Hai sir,i just wana clear something that,i am trying to figure out to hack other computer. How to approach in these situations sir plzzzzzzzzzz, kindly reply me the solution in a satisfied way. Thanking you and eagerly waiting for your answer. That is showing like this. The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time.

Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect. I know this is true with Windoze 8 and no doubt others. Post it on our forum! The one right here that has been going for almost 5 years of course. Luke was a good man but also an ignorable person his habbit was to interface in others he had nothing to do so he loved wasting his time online in internet and disappointing others by typing weird comments may he rest in a pieces of hell: A lot of post for such problem Solution: Find telephone number to your internet service provider and teach support, write it down on paper 2.

Call to providers teach support, DNS adresses is the information that they shuld provide you on your request 3. Write it down on the same piece of paper.

I am having trouble hooking up my xbox live. How do i get my IP address? Hi, Sorry to post this again but I am also having problems with my PS3.

Tell me what your address is. Signed icrown of denmark and france. Thanks a lot this was a lot more useful! Very well explained and detailed! Vivek i have changed my DNS servers to A step by step idiot proof guide would be good Thanks. I want a software of networking pakage like that i would do all think by ofline please help me. Hi Nixcraft Thanks for all the information and I have a doubt How to port forward in Linux all distro plz if it is going to be different.

Andy check post by me or also try this website: BN BN Doo doo dododoo: No they are different and it will be same for all computer in your home or ISP. Experts please reply me. Dose any one knows the primary dns codes and alternate dns codes? That is showing like this The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Your cache administrator is root. Generated Sat, 26 Jun The better tool for linux to find out dns servers recorded by DHCP server is: I've seen this answer millions of times and until today is that I think it is correct, because I understand now that it is actually a dynamically generated file.

Here's how I do it: Lonniebiz 1, 4 12 On Debian this requires the network-manager package. Command 'dm-tool' from package 'lightdm' main nm-tool: I've updated the answer to reflect what's working for me in I think you can also query DNS and it will show you what server returned the result.

Freiheit 4, 1 10 On Debian this requires the dnsutils package. In the example below, it shows that the DNS server used is at 8.

Mads Skjern 1 3 Sam 3 2. On a recent Ubuntu, this again points to the local cache server In CentOS 7 it quits with error, but it is a vm so I did nslookup google. On systems running systemd use: G32RW 1 5. Says Failed to get global data: This is the new default way to do it in Ubuntu With the new network-manager command nmcli , do this: Sameer 2 2.

It works fine for me with network-manager 1. Maybe you have an older version? The tabular format is pretty bad.

I hope to get a column like format similar to Powershell. To lighten the pipeline even more, capture groups with Perl regexp is very neat, and grep takes a file argument: Maythux 1, 7 This is correct answer!

Your support makes a big difference: