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Titleist had a huge head start and now other companies are finding the blueprint to produce a ball that is similar if not better. This was inevitably going to happen. Imagine if they discounted their ball even to 30 bucks a dozen. They would put Vice, Snell, and others out of business. TV often picks up the brand of ball and endorses that product. The vast majority of golfers would do well to tee up a Pinnacle, but our dreams and hopes point us to other products. I think one thing that has gotten lost in all of this is that Titleist sells the pro v1 to me, the retailer for only a little more than what Vice sells direct to consumer.

So who is really gouging people? Titleist sells me the pro V1 so I can sell it and make a little profit. Most tour balls play so similar the average joe has no idea the difference. I guess we could pressure titleist into direct to consumer, have places like golf shops close up and people can stock up and if they run out, be stuck with whatever the course has. Not a great business model. Unless titleist wants to sell me their golf ball for less than vice sells to consumers, you will never see pro V1 for the same price.

I guess buy all equipment without trying online and all of us golf shops can just close up and retire. Without saying it, you hit the nail on the head. Bottom line is Titleist needs to lower its other costs other the making the ball and reduce the markup to the retailer.

Costco really rocked the industry and exposed Titleist as having a defective business model that forces them to charge way more than could be necessary. In college, they taught that a technological advantage is only an advantage until everyone else catches up. Everyone HAS caught up, so Titleist needs to lower its wholesale prices, allow the retailers to make a profit and stop gouging the consumer. That says it all. All about image and brand. I mean, it is what it is, but you talked nothing about what it did or didnt do for your game and more about justifying yourself out of small money savings.

Other than that, theyre. Like many I tried the sample pack. The Pro Soft really scratched my itch. They MAY be worth the extra money. Actually they sell for 45 because they sell it to me the retailer for 37, and I have to make some profit. So is titleist really gouging you, or is Vice because they skip me and sell for almost the same price as a pro V? So Titlelist is selling to you for a lot more than Vice sell to consumers.

I have tried vice, great ball, and at 25 bucks it is a great deal no doubt. No sales reps, tiny staff, super low overhead, I get why they can sell for that, take a quick look at Acushnet earnings and you will see they are not super profitable. If you want direct to consumer for everything, then great, have fun trying out the driver and getting fit, oh wait there wont be a retail place to fit you.

Great business model for the golf industry. Also I have a G. So your last comment there makes no sense. I currently game the Snell MTB. My distance off the Driver is down but I will be 66 on Tuesday so maybe that has something to do with it.

I went back on the site and looked it up. The ad I see is for Titleist Drivers. When will you people stop trying to call these guys out? They are not geo-targeted but your browser cache is used for these ads. If you checked out a lot of Titleist Driver website in the last couple weeks, these little windows on the website will show you just that.

If you looked at other golf equipment, it will always suggest that. To prevent this from happening, you need to set your browser to private and erase all cookies and such from the past. Even then these ads will be able to identify you by your digital fingerprint and try to lure you into finally buying what you alread checked out. No way the average or above average golfer could ever tell the difference in performance between Vice and Titleist.

I carry a 12 index and play about rounds per year. If More amateur golfers get to play a Vice ball I think Titleist could be in real trouble unless they adopt a new business model and dramatically lower the price of their golf ball.

While the averages are close, I feel like a standard deviation should be added to the mix. They fly great and putt soft. I think they hold up as well as any other high end ball with a urethane cover does. Its in the swing, and how you are going that day. If making a switch gives you a mental edge, go for it.

I play the Vice Pro Plus, however; i am seeing more than a marginal increase in yardage. I notice at least 5 -7 yards difference. I had to retrain my club selection with the irons. Where i used to hit a 8 from out i now have to go with a full 9. Black out the logos and keep 6 of each in your bag then see what your scores were after.

Found the Auschnet shill. The tests say it all. Vice does make the best golf glove…the balls are very good, only complaint is durability…CGG….

This is interesting, because my results, have been almost directly opposite. That said, with the release of the Vice Pro Soft, everything has changed for me.

With those, it flies pretty similarly. The spin of the Pro Soft is ridiculously good for me. Perform great and stand out on the course. You forgot about goodwill and intangibles.

I pay more because I want to use the same ball as my favorite pros. Golf is also mental, there maybe be no difference but I feel more confident and can channel my inner Jordan Spieth over my next putt when I see the Pro V1x text. People preferred Pepsi over Coke in a blind taste but Coke still out sold Pepsi… and you know what, I feel more satisfied after drinking Coke too!

And to those who feel more satisfied and put more value on saving money, you go drink your Pepsi and leave me to my Coke. That just seems so absurd to me. I play Vice because I like the performance, love the price, and love that you can get colors other than white. Also, having inexpensive personalization is great too. Jacob, the desire to use the same ball, club, bag, clothing, to look the same as our heroes, to swing the same and maybe one day even play like they do if only for the odd shot in every 18 holes drives each and every one of us.

Look at the car market, is it the badge and image that appeals, or the functionality of the car? Go to any local muni and ask players what ball the love and you will get at least 15 different brands and models…many will tell you a yellow top flite is the best ball ever?????

Playing the tour player balls does not improve your game, save that for your dreams. They also get all of their balls free anyway. Why would you want to pay a premium just to play what Jordan Speith plays? HAHA ok, right… and why do companies sponsor players…why do marketing? Bc they know people want what the players use. You could say that about anyone who wears air jordans, or buys basketball shoes because so and so endorses them.

He has a point about the mental part, if it works for him why would you ridicule his decisions, it should change how you buy, he is just being honest. And since Pro V1 sells way way more I am sure than vice, I am sure most people buy for the same reason as he does. B RXS for me and my swing speed all day! At a recent local tournament, the top six guys in the championship flight all scratch or better were using either the B or B S. All have played the Pro V1 since their competitive days. Several times a year you can get them buy 2, get 1 free just about everywhere.

Now without looking at those nails you are so astutely aware of, go and pound in a 16d nail from two different manufacturers and let us know how much of a difference you can tell. Took the plunge and decided to try the vice tour. Supposed to be deliver in 2 days. Cant wait to try them. Like you lost a golf ball…. Dick Erdmann makes a light hearted joke about losing a golf ball, and Mark gets his panties in a bunch and becomes the grammar police.

Hey Josh, I agree with you. I have played all the Vice balls. Their best ball is the three piece Vice Pro. I prefer it to the four pro plus. Vice balls are made in Tiwan and shipped from Germany. The new Vice Pro Soft is a matte finished lower compression ball. Hit that Vice Pro, thank me later. Been playing the Vice Pro Plus for over a year now and could not be happier.

Tony — you should take this seriously. I am laughing to myself just thinking about it again. I will say this in their defense however, their quality control is second to none and extends right down to the placement of their logo and alignment markings on the cover of each and every ball.

People always want cheap and I get that, but the Titleist is clearly the better ball here. Approach shots are the most important part of the game imo and 1, more spin off the 6 iron is huge in stopping the ball on the green. The higher launch angle lessens the need for spin, as balls descend into greens at a steeper angle.

The really low spinrate on a 6 iron would concern me enough to not play this ball in dry conditions. Holding greens with mid iroms is essential for my game. The difference in spin rate is minimal will be completely negated by the equally minimal gain in decent angle. If the pros were offered the same money to play the Vice as they are for the Titleist then we would see many playing them just like we see many play Bridgestone, Callaway and TaylorMade.

Your assumption about everyone wanting cheap golf ball is greatly misconstrued. Additionally, a number of people do not have the swing speeds to hit a 4 piece ball as far as a 2 piece. I usually play a 3 piece ball and have no problem holding greens if I hit the ball correctly. I believe it is a status symbol similar to Scotty Cameron putters. I would guess most of us amateurs are not going to notice the subtle differences between similar performing golf balls but maybe.

You tested club brushes for goodness sakes…. Wondering about the durability of the Vice ball? Same with Snell MGB. I found the opposite. I normally shred a prov1 in 9 holes. I have been playing them for only the last month and notice that they scuff more easily than the Pro V1x. Whether it be from sand shots or the occasional tree, they seem to mark up more readily.

Love the way they feel though. The balls perform great and have an excellent feel IMO. My only real gripe about Vice is how dirty and faded the ball can get after one round, but that has absolutely no bearing on performance.

Everything in the review matched up with my comparison of Pro Plus and Pro V1x. I loved Pro Plus with irons and wedges. Vice is scary close, though. Coming from a single digit handicap, i have yet to see any real differences in performance from tee to green in these 3 balls. The additional colors of the Vice are a nice touch and I do feel the Vice does slightly better than the other 2 from a durability standpoint.

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