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Android 9 Compatibility Definition
Love your work and vids. For example, a mouse or remote control that drives an on-screen cursor approximates touch, but requires the user to first point or focus then click. Views Read Edit View history. Recibir un email con cada nueva entrada. If device implementations include a default launcher app that shows badges for the app icons, they:. Great video, I believe in the butterfly effect too

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Similar to the migration mechanism described above, failover allows the VM to continue operations if the host fails. However, in this case, the VM continues operation from the last-known coherent state, rather than the current state, based on whatever materials the backup server was last provided with. A video game console emulator is a program that allows a personal computer or video game console to emulate a different video game console's behavior.

Video game console emulators and hypervisors both perform hardware virtualization; words like "virtualization", "virtual machine", "host" and "guest" are not used in conjunction with console emulators. Virtual machines running proprietary operating systems require licensing, regardless of the host machine's operating system. For example, installing Microsoft Windows into a VM guest requires its licensing requirements to be satisfied.

Virtualization allows two different productive worlds to collaborate: Software and Hardware, eventhough their life cycles, business models and production processes are totally different. Full virtualization is almost always associated with a programming language that makes use of a virtual core software engine to run the software on the hardware: In , most markets were using specific proprietary virtualization, whereas in the trend is to use standard ones. Desktop virtualization is the concept of separating the logical desktop from the physical machine.

One form of desktop virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure VDI , can be thought of as a more advanced form of hardware virtualization. Rather than interacting with a host computer directly via a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, the user interacts with the host computer using another desktop computer or a mobile device by means of a network connection, such as a LAN , Wireless LAN or even the Internet.

In addition, the host computer in this scenario becomes a server computer capable of hosting multiple virtual machines at the same time for multiple users. As organizations continue to virtualize and converge their data center environment, client architectures also continue to evolve in order to take advantage of the predictability, continuity, and quality of service delivered by their converged infrastructure.

For example, companies like HP and IBM provide a hybrid VDI model with a range of virtualization software and delivery models to improve upon the limitations of distributed client computing. For users, this means they can access their desktop from any location, without being tied to a single client device. Since the resources are centralized, users moving between work locations can still access the same client environment with their applications and data.

Another form, session virtualization, allows multiple users to connect and log into a shared but powerful computer over the network and use it simultaneously. Each is given a desktop and a personal folder in which they store their files. It also enables centralized control over what applications the user is allowed to have access to on the workstation.

Moving virtualized desktops into the cloud creates hosted virtual desktops HVDs , in which the desktop images are centrally managed and maintained by a specialist hosting firm. Benefits include scalability and the reduction of capital expenditure, which is replaced by a monthly operational cost.

Nested virtualization refers to the ability of running a virtual machine within another, having this general concept extendable to an arbitrary depth.

In other words, nested virtualization refers to running one or more hypervisors inside another hypervisor. Nature of a nested guest virtual machine does not need not be homogeneous with its host virtual machine; for example, application virtualization can be deployed within a virtual machine created by using hardware virtualization. Nested virtualization becomes more necessary as widespread operating systems gain built-in hypervisor functionality, which in a virtualized environment can be used only if the surrounding hypervisor supports nested virtualization; for example, Windows 7 is capable of running Windows XP applications inside a built-in virtual machine.

Furthermore, moving already existing virtualized environments into a cloud, following the Infrastructure as a Service IaaS approach, is much more complicated if the destination IaaS platform does not support nested virtualization. The way nested virtualization can be implemented on a particular computer architecture depends on supported hardware-assisted virtualization capabilities.

Android device implementations are classified as a Tablet if they meet all the following criteria:. Tablet device implementations have similar requirements to handheld device implementations. The managed Dalvik bytecode execution environment is the primary vehicle for Android applications. The Android application programming interface API is the set of Android platform interfaces exposed to applications running in the managed runtime environment.

See section 7 for specific requirements for this scenario. In addition to the managed APIs from section 3. The Android APIs include a number of constants on the android. Build class that are intended to describe the current device.

Android intents allow application components to request functionality from other Android components. The Android upstream project includes a list of applications considered core Android applications, which implements several intent patterns to perform common actions. The upstream Android open source implementation allows this by default. Android also includes a mechanism for third-party apps to declare an authoritative default app linking behavior for certain types of web URI intents.

When such authoritative declarations are defined in an app's intent filter patterns, device implementations:. Third-party applications rely on the platform to broadcast certain intents to notify them of changes in the hardware or software environment. Android includes settings that provide users an easy way to select their default applications, for example for Home screen or SMS. Where it makes sense, device implementations MUST provide a similar settings menu and be compatible with the intent filter pattern and API methods described in the SDK documentation as below.

If device implementations support the VoiceInteractionService and have more than one application using this API installed at a time, they:. If device implementations allow launching normal Android Activities on secondary displays, they:.

If device implementations allow launching normal Android Activities on secondary displays and primary and secondary displays have different android. If device implementations allow launching normal Android Activities on secondary displays and a secondary display has the android. Managed Dalvik bytecode can call into native code provided in the application. If device implementations provide a complete implementation of the android.

If device implementations include a standalone Browser application for general web browsing, they:. The behaviors of each of the API types managed, soft, native, and web must be consistent with the preferred implementation of the upstream Android Open Source Project. Some specific areas of compatibility are:. The above list is not comprehensive.

The Compatibility Test Suite CTS tests significant portions of the platform for behavioral compatibility, but not all. It is the responsibility of the implementer to ensure behavioral compatibility with the Android Open Source Project.

If device implementations implement the app restrictions that are included in AOSP or extend the app restrictions, they:. Android follows the package and class namespace conventions defined by the Java programming language. To ensure compatibility with third-party applications, device implementers MUST NOT make any prohibited modifications see below to these package namespaces:. Note that the restrictions above correspond to standard conventions for naming APIs in the Java programming language; this section simply aims to reinforce those conventions and make them binding through inclusion in this Compatibility Definition.

SHOULD run fuzz tests under various modes of execution and target architectures to assure the stability of the runtime. Note that memory values specified below are considered minimum values and device implementations MAY allocate more memory per application.

Android includes a launcher application home screen and support for third-party applications to replace the device launcher home screen. If device implementations allow third-party applications to replace the device home screen, they:. If device implementations include a default launcher that supports in-app pinning of shortcuts, they:. If device implementations implement a default launcher that provides quick access to the additional shortcuts provided by third-party apps through the ShortcutManager API, they:.

If device implementations include a default launcher app that shows badges for the app icons, they:. If device implementations support third-party app widgets and in-app pinning of shortcuts, they:. Android includes Notification and NotificationManager APIs that allow third-party app developers to notify users of notable events and attract users' attention using the hardware components e.

If device implementations allow third party apps to notify users of notable events , they:. Android includes the NotificationListenerService APIs that allow apps once explicitly enabled by the user to receive a copy of all notifications as they are posted or updated. If device implementations report the feature flag android. Generally speaking, this functionality consists of a single, system-wide user interface that allows users to enter queries, displays suggestions as users type, and displays results.

The Android APIs allow developers to reuse this interface to provide search within their own apps and allow developers to supply results to the common global search user interface. Android also includes the Assist APIs to allow applications to elect how much information of the current context is shared with the assistant on the device. The AOSP implementation meets this requirement by having controls in the notification shade.

Android supports a variant theme with translucent system bars, which allows application developers to fill the area behind the status and navigation bar with their app content. To enable a consistent developer experience in this configuration, it is important the status bar icon style is maintained across different device implementations.

Live wallpapers are animations, patterns, or similar images with limited input capabilities that display as a wallpaper, behind other applications. Hardware is considered capable of reliably running live wallpapers if it can run all live wallpapers, with no limitations on functionality, at a reasonable frame rate with no adverse effects on other applications. As an example, some live wallpapers may use an OpenGL 2. Live wallpaper will not run reliably on hardware that does not support multiple OpenGL contexts because the live wallpaper use of an OpenGL context may conflict with other applications that also use an OpenGL context.

Device implementations including the recents function navigation key as detailed in section 7. If device implementations including the recents function navigation key as detailed in section 7.

Android includes support for Input Management and support for third-party input method editors. If device implementations allow users to use third-party input methods on the device, they:. If device implementations declare the android.

Android includes support for interactivescreensavers , previously referred to as Dreams. Screen savers allow users to interact with applications when a device connected to a power source is idle or docked in a desk dock. Android Watch devices MAY implement screen savers, but other types of device implementations SHOULD include support for screen savers and provide a settings option for users to configure screen savers in response to the android.

If device implementations include a hardware sensor e. GPS that is capable of providing the location coordinates, they. Android includes support for the emoji characters defined in Unicode If device implementations have the capability to display multiple activities at the same time, they:.

If device implementations support multi-window mode s and Picture-in-Picture multi-window mode, they:. The DisplayCutout API defines an area on the edge of the display that is not functional for displaying content. Android includes features that allow security-aware applications to perform device administration functions at the system level, such as enforcing password policies or performing remote wipe, through the Android Device Administration API.

If device implementations implement the full range of device administration policies defined in the Android SDK documentation, they:. If device implementations declare android. Android provides an accessibility layer that helps users with disabilities to navigate their devices more easily. Android provides a Quick Settings UI component that allows quick access to frequently used or urgently needed actions. If device implementations include the UI framework that supports third-party apps that depend on MediaBrowser and MediaSession , they:.

Android includes support for companion device pairing to more effectively manage association with companion devices and provides the CompanionDeviceManager API for apps to access this feature. All of the codecs listed in the section below are provided as software implementations in the preferred Android implementation from the Android Open Source Project. Please note that neither Google nor the Open Handset Alliance make any representation that these codecs are free from third-party patents.

Those intending to use this source code in hardware or software products are advised that implementations of this code, including in open source software or shareware, may require patent licenses from the relevant patent holders. See more details in 5. If device implementations declare support for the android.

If device implementations support the decoding of AAC input buffers of multichannel streams i. If device implementations advertise HDR profile support through Display. If device implementations support any video encoder and make it available to third-party apps, they:.

If device implementations include an embedded screen display with the diagonal length of at least 2. If device implementations support any of the H. If device implementations support H. If device implementations report support of H. If device implementations report support of VP8 encoding for p or p resolution videos through the media APIs, they:. If the height that is reported by the Display. If the height as reported by the Display. If device implementations declare both android. AudioRecord API to record from this audio source, it captures a mix of all audio streams except for the following:.

Android includes the support to allow apps to playback audio through the audio output peripheral as defined in section 7. Android provides an API for audio effects for device implementations. If device implementations declare the feature android. Audio latency is the time delay as an audio signal passes through a system. Many classes of applications rely on short latencies, to achieve real-time sound effects. If device implementations meet the above requirements, after any initial calibration, when using both the OpenSL ES PCM buffer queue and AAudio native audio APIs, for continuous output latency and cold output latency over at least one supported audio output device, they are:.

If device implementations include android. For exceptions please see the table footnotes in section 5. If device implementations support secure video output and are capable of supporting secure surfaces, they:. If device implementations declare support for Display. If device implementations report support for feature android. If device implementations omit a 4 conductor 3. Android includes support for recording of unprocessed audio via the android. If device implementations intent to support unprocessed audio source and make it available to third-party apps, they:.

MUST not have any other signal processing e. Automatic Gain Control, High Pass Filter, or Echo cancellation in the path other than a level multiplier to bring the level to desired range.

All SPL measurements are made directly next to the microphone under test. For multiple microphone configurations, these requirements apply to each microphone. Android Debug Bridge adb. Dalvik Debug Monitor Service ddms. If device implementations report the support of Vulkan 1. Android includes support for developers to configure application development-related settings. If a device includes a particular hardware component that has a corresponding API for third-party developers:.

If an API in the SDK interacts with a hardware component that is stated to be optional and the device implementation does not possess that component:. A typical example of a scenario where these requirements apply is the telephony API: Even on non-phone devices, these APIs must be implemented as reasonable no-ops.

Android includes facilities that automatically adjust application assets and UI layouts appropriately for the device to ensure that third-party applications run well on a variety of hardware configurations.

The Android UI framework supports a variety of different logical screen layout sizes, and allows applications to query the current configuration's screen layout size via Configuration.

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